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Book Cover Of The Bear's Cake

George stared at the stocked trout stream. Annoying, that’s what the fuck it was. Totally annoying. He hated fish. Couldn’t stand the taste, broke out in hives. Let a wild and woolly moment happen and now he hunted a damn fish for supper. Worse, he craved it. He glared at the stream.

He itched. Everywhere. At least he wasn’t allergic to fur. That would be royally fucked. He made it into the woods before he lost it. Damn it. He had better control than this. Or not. With a mental sigh, he took a half-hearted swat at the trout grinning at him. Bastard. He hated fish.

He itched. Giving up on the trout, George walked back toward the woods to the tree prime for back scratching. It looked sturdy enough to handle him. The tree felt good. Damn he itched. Welcome to spring. Everything itched in the spring. Not only craving fish, but allergic to pollen too.

Branches snapped, leaves swished and crunched. Something or someone ran toward him. Combination of strawberries, cardamom and cream reached his nose. It put him in mind of the Strawberry and cream cake with cardamom syrup he loved. One more slow long knee bend, he stopped scratching to listen.

Help!” A male voice called.

Okay, that didn’t sound good; the smell was coming from that direction. The crashing stopped and sounds of a struggle grew.

A different male voice, hot with anger and passion, snapped. “Bitch, you want it. You fuck Dan, you can fuck me.

George lumbered toward the sound.

A man had someone pinned under him. He threw a punch, knocking the fight out of the other man. “You better be a good lay.”

I didn’t fuck Dan and I don’t want you.” Pinned, Cake tried to push the other off. “Let me fucking go.”

You think I hired you just to cook. You need to learn to bend over when I want it and it starts today.” He grabbed the man’s shirt and tore it.

No.” The one who smelled like cake tried to buck himself free.

They didn’t notice as George crept up behind them. Okay so not crept. It’s freakin’ hard to creep when you weighed 1500 pounds. Yep, the cake smell came from the one pinned. The manhandling pissed George off. That was cake he was damaging.

George barked.

The guy on top shot up. “Oh Jesus God. It’s a fucking Grizzly.”

He ran.

The cake laid there, blue eyes wide. Dark wavy hair had fallen in his face. A classic. Cake plus a Greek statue. George noted he needed a shave. He also looked as terrified as a man who had a 1500 pound grizzly standing over him which made sense, George figured. He had one standing over him.

George lowered his head and all the poor guy saw was teeth. He closed his eyes waiting for the end. A wet tongue licked his face. He did what any sane person would do when licked by a grizzly, he fainted.

Concerned George nuzzled him. Getting no response, he pawed him. No movement. He shifted. “Hello, beautiful. How did you get in this fix?”

A large lump formed on the back of Cake’s head. Shit, he hadn’t a damn cell phone with him. Hell, he didn’t have clothes. He searched the Cake’s pockets. Luck. One cell phone. He used it to call. “Hey Frank? I need you and Jeri. No I’m not hurt. No, I didn’t hurt anyone. Yes, someone is hurt. I found him. Yes, I need clothes. I’ll meet you at the park”

The Cake was still out. George picked him up cradling him against his chest. When he reached the edge of the park, he laid the Cake down on a bed of leaves. Jeri got out of her car with her medical pack. He waved her over.

Damn it, George. What the hell did you do?”

Nothing. Well, okay, so I interrupted a rape.”

What?” Jeri’s eyes grew wide. Her features blurred and black and white fur appeared.

Stop that. Nothing happened. One guy decided this one should put out.”

What did you do to him?”

Last I saw, he was running off screaming Grizzly and peeing his pants. This one hit his head in the struggle and I think he fainted when I licked him.”

Her eyes crossed. Jeri mouthed the words licked him. She said, “Great. Now he’ll tell everyone there is a fucking bear loose in the park.”

She examined the Cake.

Frank parked in the lot. Slinging a gym bag over his shoulder, he headed for them. His Australian accent soothed Jeri. She stopped blurring as he said, “What’s up?”

Later.” Jeri growled.

George had this urge to rip her away from the Cake and yell mine, all mine. Nah, it would have been a full bodied roar. Not a good idea in public. His grizzly didn’t like Jeri touching the Cake. He grabbed the gym bag and threw on his clothes. “Jeri? How is he?”

You didn’t cause it. It’s the bump. Let’s get him to your place and if he doesn’t come around, we call the ambulance.”

Well, well, welll… If it isn’t the three bears. So where’s Goldilocks? Wait did you find him? Nice. Very nice. Planning supper? If you aren’t can I have him?”

George roared. “No.”

Jeri caught his arm pretending to steady herself as she got up. “Devon? What are you doing here?”

I was playing tease the stupid bear until he took off. Slow George. You need to speed up or you’ll never get me. So what are doing with Goldie?” Devon fussed with his cuff-links. “He’s nice but if you want to throw him back, I’ll take care of him.”

George rumbled.

Trout, take your ass out of here or I might decide not to be vegetarian.” Frank stood five foot five inches, but he acted all grizzly as he gurred and huffed.

Devon patted his head. “Aw, isn’t that cute? A kola with an attitude.”

Jeri made a dive for Frank as he lunged forward.

Devon? Quit agitating. We’ll take care of the problem.” Damn it, she blurred again.

Not wanting to face an enraged Giant Panda, a pissed off Grizzly and a ticked Koala, Devon straightened his $1000 suit and retreated to his car.

George said, “Gee that fish may have some brains after all.”

That or he didn’t want roasted on a cedar plank.” Frank shrugged. “So, what do we do with Sleeping Beauty?”

My place.” Like they would take his cake anywhere else. Over his bear rug hide.

Your place?” Jeri stared.

Frank shook his head. “You mean that?”

My place.” George scooped the man up in his arms. “Which car?”

Mine.” Frank gestured. “There is no way you can fit him into a smart car. It’s the Land Rover or nothing.”

George laid his cake in the back before climbed in to cradle Cake’s head. He wasn’t letting any more damage happen. When George saw the bastard who hurt the Cake again, he would let his bear handle it. He stroked the tousled black hair.

Okay Need to get going before you start grooming him.” Frank jerked his head at Jeri who headed for her smart car.

I’ll follow.”

I figured.”

They exchanged glances.

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