News for Present Uncertain

Stacks of coins

It's now available on KU for a limited 90 day run.  I won't leave any book on KU but I will put them up for 90 days so you can read them free.  If you want to keep them, you will have to buy. Still working on moving the media over to the new blog. … Continue reading News for Present Uncertain


Moving to website

traffic jam

I'm in the process of moving this to my website.  The transfer of the posts went well... sort of... we won't go into that.  [I refuse to pay WP to move them for me.  Jerks] The hold up is the pictures didn't transfer.  Oh joy.  So I have to go in by hand and add … Continue reading Moving to website

New URL for Facebook

Screw in board

Due to FB's incompetence, I can now be found here: Do not, I repeat, do not pay these people for an ad or to boost posts. Yesterday I woke up to a PROVE you are you from Facebook and a blocked account.  I sent in my photo ID.  Unblocked. Everything back to normal.  With … Continue reading New URL for Facebook

I am missing on FB

inside prison cell block picture

After being on there for 4 years, FB has suddenly decided I'm not a real person and demanded proof that I am.  I had to send them my photo ID.  Bit of luck because when I renew my Brooklyn Public Library membership, I have to send them my ID every time.  So I have one … Continue reading I am missing on FB

I done broked de blog…

I decided to place my old website name on the blog. Well.. I broke it. I screwed up the name servers. Do NOT do anything when you are exhausted. So if you have suffered from where the devil is it and why am I getting an inmotionhosting message this is a wordpress site, that's … Continue reading I done broked de blog…

Will not be on for a few days

end of the world

I installed the newest version of WordPress on my stand alone site.  It crashed the site.   I can't even export the newest changes to save what I had up. It's all corrupted.  I'm not happy to say the least. I have uninstalled wordpress and I am recreating the damn site again.  The link for it … Continue reading Will not be on for a few days

Ah… Yes. I now remember why I moved back here.

Stopsign with SPAM on it

WordPress had to proudly tell me that I had : 47 hourly views according to their stats. Remember the post on how bad WordPress Stats are? According to Statcounter, it was 118 views in 16 minutes. You do understand what that means right? It's either one hell of a stupid Spam Bot or a stupid … Continue reading Ah… Yes. I now remember why I moved back here.

Blue Crapola again…

I needed to update my word count on my spreadsheets.  When I clicked posts without thinking, they took me to that horrible blue crap they consider improved.  I'm downright sick of it.  However every desktop blog software I have tried except that piece of shit MS stuff doesn't work with  I am starting to … Continue reading Blue Crapola again…