News, News, News: Cancer and Book

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First the cancer.  I had a visit last Friday with  my cancer doctor.  So far everything is good.  Next visit? Anniversary of operation. Many things have happened in the past year.  Some good.  Some not so good.  We aren't going into the not so good except to say one learns who really does care about … Continue reading News, News, News: Cancer and Book


And after surgery

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Surgery was on the 28th.  After 5 hours of surgery because of finding unexpected scar tissue that the doctor had to remove, I stayed overnight at the hospital.  I've had no pain from the surgery itself and am stuck with a full bottle of pain pills that I will end up flushing. Friday was the … Continue reading And after surgery

Continuing the Cancer saga…

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Now that I had my appointment with my Oncologist Surgeon, I have a surgery date set for late March.  It turns out that this is a slow-growing cancer that usually shows itself in stage 1 due to bleeding.  That's how we found it. Bleeding. The doctor informed me that it is so slow-growing, she has … Continue reading Continuing the Cancer saga…