Pool Party: A Standing Stone Short

Pool with sunglasses beside it

This is NOT in Standing Stone. Gavin is the one who provided Joe with the alibi when Jen's body was discovered.  He's the reason Joe found the guts to break it off with Jen.  The person I chose for him as a model was Brock O'hurn.  Aka Merman who provides the main character for Nereus … Continue reading Pool Party: A Standing Stone Short


“All I Have To Do Is Dream” A Standing Stone Short.

Statue of an angel with water marks that look like tear stains

This is not in Standing Stone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbU3zdAgiX8 The lightning caught Mac’s attention. Streaks of hot white light flashed down the valley, crawling closer to him. He crossed the room to the balcony overlooking the pool. Joe’s bike stood next to the garage. Of course, Joe would be here.  If he wasn't, Will would be at … Continue reading “All I Have To Do Is Dream” A Standing Stone Short.

Kitty’s Story


The townspeople waited on the court house lawn as the time capsule was opened,  100 years to the hour after it had been buried. As the lid came off they  surged forward a couple steps to get a better view. Mayor Frye, the head chubby cherub as Sheriff Ray Stettler called him, reached in and … Continue reading Kitty’s Story

Mac’s Hot Dog Part II.

Hot Dog

Dan pulled the robe shut and tied the belt as he reached the front door. Opening it, he saw Will flushed dark red and Joe growling standing on Mac's doorstep. "Oh, I guess you read the book" "No shit." Will pushed past him with Joe hot on his heels. "Where is the son of a … Continue reading Mac’s Hot Dog Part II.

Never include that in a NYT best seller or Mac’s near brush with losing a hot dog.

Hot Dog

His book was on the best sellers list and it was the worst possible thing that could have happened. 5 minutes worth of writing. Mac opened the paper again, stared at the best sellers listing as if it might change then slapped the paper shut and threw it. Will was going to neuter him with … Continue reading Never include that in a NYT best seller or Mac’s near brush with losing a hot dog.

What Kind of Underwear Does Your Character Wear? [Standing Stone]

Boxer Briefs

A look of dread came across his face when he saw me come in the office. I think it has something to do with the chains and not being about to reach his cellphone to call his agent. He took one look and said under his breath, "Shit. Not again."