Present Uncertain excerpt The Brig

Navy Pier with Sub and boats

“Get up. Your ride’s here.” The Petty Officer hit the bars with his nightstick. The men sprawled on the racks didn’t move. “It’s about time, Sarge.” One swung himself upright and froze. “Gunny. I mean Gunnery Sergeant, I… We…” As the Petty Officer unlocked the door, the others shot to their feet. “Out here now!” … Continue reading Present Uncertain excerpt The Brig

Delay on release due to illness.

Breaking news

Delay on Present Uncertain release date. Now Aug. 10th.

Goodreads screwed the pooch again… sigh.

Screw in board

There is nothing more exciting when you haven't finished your first cup of coffee than finding out that Goodreads, AGAIN, stuffed your newest book under someone else's profile. It's starting to look like every damn time I publish a book, they are going to stuff me under some other poor bloke who would NEVER think … Continue reading Goodreads screwed the pooch again… sigh.

Present Uncertain: Available for Preorder

Marines running through snow

What happens when Society tells you that you are something different from what you are?  And what you want to be isn't what you are supposed to be?  Could anyone love you for who you really are?  Throw in bombs, Platoons, and other's demands of what you want to be  and it gets... well... complicated. … Continue reading Present Uncertain: Available for Preorder

I’m so proud of me Sis… BOOK LIVE

Bev Allen's Book, A Solemn Curfew and Other Dark Tales is live on Amazon!  You can now buy it. Bev is an excellent writer. The other half and I were fans of hers before she ever published.   Her stories are not like mine except mine perhaps borders on the darkness and the twists.  Her … Continue reading I’m so proud of me Sis… BOOK LIVE

Pool Party: A Standing Stone Short

Pool with sunglasses beside it

This is NOT in Standing Stone. Gavin is the one who provided Joe with the alibi when Jen's body was discovered.  He's the reason Joe found the guts to break it off with Jen.  The person I chose for him as a model was Brock O'hurn.  Aka Merman who provides the main character for Nereus … Continue reading Pool Party: A Standing Stone Short

“All I Have To Do Is Dream” A Standing Stone Short.

Statue of an angel with water marks that look like tear stains

This is not in Standing Stone. The lightning caught Mac’s attention. Streaks of hot white light flashed down the valley, crawling closer to him. He crossed the room to the balcony overlooking the pool. Joe’s bike stood next to the garage. Of course, Joe would be here.  If he wasn't, Will would be at … Continue reading “All I Have To Do Is Dream” A Standing Stone Short.

Standing Stone. Not a Cliffhanger. Nope. Mutter.

person sitting on edge of cliff

It is not nor was it ever intended to be a cliffhanger. It is NOT a cliffhanger. But the bloody man had to tell you he was still there in his own fine style.

Standing Stone. Thank you and some information.

Standing Stone...  First Lisa Oliver and I are having a very serious discussion about the fact that there needs to be a sequel to the Serial Killer.  SK is going to do what SK wants.  He's a serial killer.  [and I hid all the keyboards.]  It's been most enlightening. Lisa: You cannot put that in there and not do a … Continue reading Standing Stone. Thank you and some information.

I’m in Shock and very big Thank Yous.

Two shadows running holding hands in front of a gay flag

I need to thank all of you for your support. Last night I was totally amazed. Lisa Oliver can testify to that. Standing Stone reached #22 on Amazon in Books > Gay & Lesbian > Literature & Fiction > Fiction > Gay. #25 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender … Continue reading I’m in Shock and very big Thank Yous.