Moving to website

traffic jam

I'm in the process of moving this to my website.  The transfer of the posts went well... sort of... we won't go into that.  [I refuse to pay WP to move them for me.  Jerks] The hold up is the pictures didn't transfer.  Oh joy.  So I have to go in by hand and add … Continue reading Moving to website


I done broked de blog…

I decided to place my old website name on the blog. Well.. I broke it. I screwed up the name servers. Do NOT do anything when you are exhausted. So if you have suffered from where the devil is it and why am I getting an inmotionhosting message this is a wordpress site, that's … Continue reading I done broked de blog…

Trying Something New

Broken Window

I am testing two desktop blog software.  Please stand by.  So far Windows Live Writer is losing because it seem to want to only show the post font in white… on a white background.  Welcome to Windows.  Could screw up a 1 car funeral.      And…. Well… It seems that BlogDesk isn’t going to work … Continue reading Trying Something New


A very messy room

I am currently importing old material from the blog in 2013.  Not all of it will remain.  I expect a mess which I will clear up.  The old posts may look strange until I finish them.  Most of the old ones will vanish. So  I apologize.  I was simply to lazy to set up another … Continue reading Warning. I AM WORKING ON THE BLOG

The New WordPress trend “Click more. See Less.”


I'm not happy.  The last time I was not happy, I walked out.  I went to and my own hosted site.   I was much happier then except for the fact I had to deal with hackers.  Moronic hackers but hackers still the same.    So I moved the blog part back here because it … Continue reading The New WordPress trend “Click more. See Less.”