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Betas: If you wish to be a Beta, please contact me via MeWe, web forum at Gay Romance Authors or Twitter.  Beta copies are not and never have been handed out.

You must be able to read the book on  It is done in real time by comments on the Pressbook page and I correct as you read or you may also reply to the hidden group on but you MUST be able to read on

My Betas don’t do editing.  I’m looking for feedback on how well the story flows for you, any problem areas in the book where there is a hole, if something confused you.  My editor takes care of spelling and punctuation.  Any errors in those will be corrected during editing.


ARCs.  Please be aware that ARCs are NOT and NEVER HAVE been handed out to anyone.  I wouldn’t even give my mother one if she asked and read my genre.

Anyone claiming otherwise is lying to your ass so I would take what they say with a grain of salt about anything.  If they are willing to lie about that, they are willing to lie about anything.  If you’re a pirate, okay.  If you are a lying pirate, it’s not okay.  At least be honest.

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