Present Uncertain Excerpt: Frosty

When the bells chimed for reveille, Callon had just sealed the envelopes. Bells. He missed the trumpet and the yelling. Tucking the envelopes in the drawer, he grabbed a quick shower and put on his uniform before heading for coffee.

Oh, Gods. Frosty and his friends. And Callon hadn’t had his first cup of coffee. He grabbed a cup choosing a seat as far away as he could. He glanced up from his coffee to see the entire table glaring at him. Shit. Not today… Well… hell… he took another sip of coffee. If not today, when? He should be out of here in three days at the latest. Might as well get it over with. But later. Later was good. After he finished his first cup of coffee.

Damn it, the high school girls pretending to be military were headed toward him. So Frosty didn’t have enough guts to confront him by himself.

“Get tossed out on your ear? It seems they got tired of you.”

“And I see you found your clothes. You made the platoon’s day. It’s not often they have a streaking Knight to entertain them.” Callon realized he’d declared war.

“You bitch. I…” Frosty flushed. He stopped realizing where he was. “Just wait.”

“Looking forward to it, Frosty. No wonder Gunny dumped you.” Where the hell was this coming from? He was tired of being pushed around. That was it. Three days. Just three days. Gloves off for those three days.

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