Bomb, Elf and a Drunk Marine.

One ticking bomb, one Solis Elf and a very drunk young Marine named Kev.

Slamming open the door, he saw Kev slumped to the side. “Marine!”

Damn it, he was unconscious. Swearing he was going to make the men do worse than Gunny had made them do for longer, he yanked the kid up on his shoulders and ran toward the door. His lungs burning he cleared the door.

As he ran, he searched the area. The further away the better but he wasn’t going to… make… it. He needed something… Fuck, anything. Who knew a fucking skinny kid was so fucking… The experimental HAVOC. It was…

Callon saw the warehouse and picked up speed. He couldn’t tell you afterward where he got the strength. He kicked the damn door open and plowed through. Fuck. Those bitches were tall. He ran toward the nearest one. Oh, please let the experimental cabin armor be strong enough… he settled the kid and started up the ladder. Half way up, he threw the kid forward using his motion to push him in the door and dove after. The door slammed.

Callon threw himself on top of Kev and all hell broke loose.

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