I am missing on FB

After being on there for 4 years, FB has suddenly decided I’m not a real person and demanded proof that I am.  I had to send them my photo ID.  Bit of luck because when I renew my Brooklyn Public Library membership, I have to send them my ID every time.  So I have one on my hard drive .

Needless to say, I was already pissed off at the fools but now I’m fucking furious.  Four fucking years and NOW you aren’t sure?  Right.  Which means some silly bitch pitched a fit about something I posted and reported the profile.

And they have NOW done this 3 times.  Having to send in my ID each time and a 6 hour wait until they fucking approve it.  3 days in a row?  Really?

Never been too happy with FB but it is one of those evils writers have to put up with. But it has been great incentive to reopen my old forums on my own website that I’ve been putting off.  I closed up shop because of the cancer but have been thinking it is time to reopen it. And it is. Time to reopen.  So next month, there will be a forum address up here.

And it proves my point of why you do NOT focus on one source of contact.  DO NOT BECOME DEPENDENT ON ANY SOCIAL MEDIA.  THEY DIE. Or decide you aren’t real after almost 5 years.