Delay on release due to illness.

Since this is a one man show, I’m kicking back the release of Present Uncertain to Aug 10th. I regret it and to help make up for it, I lowered the price of the book. Due to the way my distributor runs for the ebooks, I had to pull the preorders on there. Amazon is still available because I was smart enough NOT to use the distributor for preorders. As much as I wanted Google, I’m looking at other distributors at the moment.

I caught a two-week stomach bug that went around in June and was kind enough to revisit me this month with the heat. I’m on the mend but I have massive headaches. So now that I broke the news, I am hauling my sorry butt back to bed because the massive pounding in the head is building up again.

And when I get my hands on the sorry prat who gave me this….

Cover for Present Uncertain book

Preorder AMAZON
RELEASE: Aug 10th

new price $3.55
when Amazon finally catches up with the changes I just submitted