Goodreads screwed the pooch again… sigh.

There is nothing more exciting when you haven’t finished your first cup of coffee than finding out that Goodreads, AGAIN, stuffed your newest book under someone else’s profile. It’s starting to look like every damn time I publish a book, they are going to stuff me under some other poor bloke who would NEVER think of writing Gay Romance or M/M. So you end up with two pissed off authors, not just one.

One would think by now they would have their shit together because they are attached to Amazon and Amazon has it correctly and set up my Author Page in a blink with me claiming my Pen Name. But Goodreads just seems to trundle on running on piss poor software. Someone suggest to Amazon to lay out a few bucks and fix that shit? They sure won’t listen to me.

I forgot in the excitement of putting up a book for Pre-order all the bullshit that has to go with it. And a lot of it involves dealing with Goodreads where you have to go and beg an overworked Librarian to please fix your damn book. Too much to automate what is now a old system. It would be much simpler to put author controls in that let you push a button flagging the profile, adding an explanation and setting it up for a fast review.

I’m fairly tired of half assed, old clunky systems which are unfair to the users and the volunteers [who work for Amazon for free when Amazon could afford to pay them]. And I’m sure Amazon will claim it makes a better community. Right. Which is why I only visit when I want to record a book or claim one they stuffed up again. It’s very unpleasant to use their system for anything. I have other things to do rather than clunk around slowly to get what I want done. And it surely doesn’t leave time for reader engagement on there. By the time I get whatever done, I need to move on.

I use to use it for recording my books and for the book challenge. I realized I’m not even doing that anymore because, as I said, it clunks and takes too much time to do it. Back to the I’m the author can you change this and off to other sites which are smoother and better running.

This is what they screwed up: The person I am NOT [sorry Dude. NOT my fault. It’s Goodreads fault, again.]

THIS is mine [Amazon link because I refuse to give Goodreads any links beyond the poor guy they stuffed my book under]:
Present Uncertain

Honest to Pete… Claiming it on Amazon was no problem. On Goodreads, it is a freakin’ nightmare. Yet again [they did it with Standing Stone too]

Cover for Present Uncertain book