WordPress screwed the pooch again and I’m “slightly vexed”

Compared to the D’regs, they were merely slightly vexed
 Prachett from Jingo

What else is new.  They screwed up enough that they could have created their own pack.  I can’t modify my own website. It keeps telling me “Sorry you can’t do that.”  IT IS MY BLOODY SITE.

I’m not in a good mood to begin with and they do this crap.  It is such a PIA.  Of course, I’ve been in a bad mood since Nov 8th but WordPress has the ability like Facebook to fuck up a one car funeral.  Like the pretty blue crap that is suppose to be so much ‘better’. Yeah only to the brother in law they hired to program that shit.  And honestly it works well enough, I would say his name is Donald Trump.  It isn’t easier.  It’s fussier.  It’s annoying. And it’s fugly [fyi: Fucking Ugly]. I always get the feeling I should barf when I see it.

I have no clue if this will even work. It’s hit or miss.  I really need to move to back to my own site. I’m done. I’m tired. I’ve had it.

Actually that describes my life right now.  Yes, I do have the exit plan.  It’s a nice little village in Mexico where you can rent a 2 bedroom house for 450 including wifi, all utilities, with a Walmart 10 minutes away and lots of great seafood.  Why the hell am I still here? Oh that’s right… I need to write.

And I’m tired of one of the genres I use to read. There are some very good writers in it.  And there are a lot of horrible ones.  And now they are fussing about sensitivity.  There is nothing wrong with being empathetic.  But basically humans are humans. “This is not how so and so would react.”  Right.  And how long did you work in psych?  You’ll learn if you bother not one human reacts exactly the same way because Nature and Nurture created us.  The genes and the events create a perfect storm.  I am frankly sick of idiots preaching at someone who actually has more experience/knowledge/skill than they do.  And we wonder how we got Donald Trump.  He is the representation of what is wrong with us.  A know it all who knows nothing but thinks he knows everything.

“I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.” – Socrates

And that alone tells you we are a ship of fools because we think we know everything.  What a fine state we are in but it isn’t our fault, it’s everyone else’s fault. We have no responsibility. Our way or the highway. “I wouldn’t vote for Hilary so I didn’t vote.”  And we got Donald.  “I voted for Donald because I was angry.”  Yes, and a damn good job you did.  We may not have an America left to make great again.  We are in a fix because we know it all.  And are horribly boring while doing it.

The genre wonders why people aren’t buying and sales are declining.  Well, that’s easy.  It’s boring.  Very, very boring.  Same story over and over again.  The characters aren’t interesting enough to bother remembering the damn story and the writer.  I’ve sat there with a friend many a time and said “I think that story is out there already.” only to have them say “Yeah, I think so too.” and we try desperately to remember who wrote what.  That’s not a good sign. I can tell you immediately the plot of my favorite stories and who wrote them.

I know things go in cycles and this is one of them. The newness has worn off. It’s no longer the bright shiny toy.  The same thing happened to Westerns, to Regencies, to Historical Romances, to Fantasy, to… the list can go on.  The panic seems a bit silly but then most of them aren’t old enough to have watched the dying of those genres.  You still have readers in them but you aren’t going to become the biggest seller around.  This crap [changing world view] hit at the right point on this cycle.

I have a ton of books in the genre that when I decide to read now just doesn’t fit. I can’t find it in me to read them.  There are writers I can read in that genre but they fit on one hand and compared to what I read before, it’s nothing.  I am bored when I read the others. I am uncomfortable.  Things have changed and I want something different out of what I read.  The stories no longer fit me or the time in which I live [and from the sales of the genre, it appears a whole lot of other people.] .  They do not comfort and entertain. And there in is the problem.

Trump, the great awaking, everything lead to the perfect storm.  I’m tired and that beach in Mexico looks even better.  I always wanted to be an expat.