New book progress and Pen Names

Because Present Uncertain is not what I normally write even though you might see my writing in it, I decided to use a Pen Name: Harrison Phillips.  I have no clue how I came up with that. [Innocent eye roll]

The book is halfway done at the moment.

Present Uncertain is the story of a Solis Elf  [Sun Elf] who simply wants to be himself even though his genes and body will deny him that simple thing.  His former fiancé, who has plans for him and what he should be, wants him back, one way or another.

Gunny, a Marine Fae, burned by a bad romance [yeah feel free to cue the Lady Gaga… His ex, a member of the Knights, who happen to be Frost Fae, would love it.] never expects to find love with the new Elf officer.  Both think because of Solis Genes, they are going to be denied what they really want.  Is there a chance for them?Cover for Present Uncertain book