Getting Old is Hell

Getting old is hell, especially when parts start to fall off.  Yesterday and today were two long trips and they drove home the fact that I’m not 18 any more.  Heck the wrong side of 40 would be good too…

The first was needful because it turns out, I’m blind as a bat  That might be an over exaggeration but it’s headed that way.  My trip to the eye doctor’s  the last time showed I am developing Cataracts.  Oh joy.   I also have macular degeneration. And a few other tidbits that are all age related.  I’m getting old.  Fuck.  I need to remember in my next life to do what I did in my others, live fast, die young in a blaze of glory because this getting old crap sucks.

So, I’m getting new glasses.  Doesn’t fix all the rest but it might get rid of the headaches I’m getting by the day’s end.  Nothing to write home about, it’s the same damn pair of glasses as all the others.  I noticed out of all the frames in that place you have the wire rim doctor with variations and the solid ugly frame refugee from the USN Government issued frame [they honest to God look just like the shitty frames the USN gave us in 1978 and they are still shitty] with ugly ass variations there of.    So I picked the least ugly wire rim doctor frame.  Thank GOD the insurance paid for them.  I had no urge to buy a more expensive frame because they also were variations of the Ugly ass doctor and the Uglier ass USN.  The main thing is the lens.  I’m okay with that.

It also dawned on me that for a generation that has so much opportunity to express itself, this generation is boring.  1950s ugly kitchen boring. Two sets of frames. I mean seriously?  Cars… we won’t even go into the cookie cutter ugly cars they are selling.  Clothes?  Ugly ass cookie cutter designs.  Boring.  Corporate America has sold you a bill of goods and you march right along sucking it up.  And are deadly dishwater dull.

When you can say “I was issued those glasses in 1978,  you’re getting old.  When you can look at a whole range of cars and can’t tell if it is a Chevy, a Ford, a Japanese import or a European import by looking at it when you use to be able to tell in a glance or by the sound of an engine, you are getting old.  When you think they bought that new 1000 dollar dress at Goodwill in a 10 buck rag bag, you are getting old.

But worst of all is when parts start to fall off.  That’s when you really are old.  And like the saying goes: Inside there is a young person saying “What the fuck just happened?”