I’m so proud of me Sis… BOOK LIVE

Bev Allen’s Book, A Solemn Curfew and Other Dark Tales is live on Amazon!  You can now buy it.

Bev is an excellent writer. The other half and I were fans of hers before she ever published.   Her stories are not like mine except mine perhaps borders on the darkness and the twists.  Her stories have twists you simply don’t expect.  They are a nice mouthful for when you are short on reading time but what to refresh your brain.  It’s a touch of King and Koontz with a bit of the twilight zone thrown in. Don’t let the beautiful words or the normalcy drag you in, they are anything but.

She talks about the stories on her blog where you can also find more samples of her writing.  Bev Allen, author

Cover for Dark Tales

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