Pool Party: A Standing Stone Short

This is NOT in Standing Stone.

Gavin is the one who provided Joe with the alibi when Jen’s body was discovered.  He’s the reason Joe found the guts to break it off with Jen.  The person I chose for him as a model was Brock O’hurn.  Aka Merman who provides the main character for Nereus in Lisa Oliver’s book.

“Gavin?”  The strain in Joe’s voice caught Will’s attention.  “Yeah. I… Yeah.  Come on up.  I opened the gate.”

Gavin?  The only Gavin he knew about was Joe’s old lover.   Will placed the unhusked corn in the microwave and pressed start.  “Gavin?”

“I don’t know why he’s here, Will.  I haven’t talked to him since the case when he called to make sure I was okay.”

Will met worried blue eyes.  “Babe, it’s okay.  I’ll toss in an ear for him too and add another sandwich.”

“But I…”

“It’s okay. After all, you put up with Mac.”

“Yeah.  I do don’t I?”

Will swatted him with the dish towel.  “Not funny.”

“Neither was telling me you traded Tut on a motorcycle.  I want to change.”  Joe surveyed his cut-offs.

“Go.  I’ll answer the door.”

“Will…” Joe hesitated.

“Go.  I love you.”

Joe’s answer was a kiss.  He turned and ran for the bedroom.

Will answered the door.  He realized he wasn’t prepared no matter what he thought.  A beautiful man stood in front of him.  Honey Gold streaks mixed with golden brown in hair that waved and curled reaching almost as long as Joe’s.  Gun metal gray eyes met his.  Beautiful features weren’t hidden by his well-trimmed beard. God, no wonder Joe had got the courage to tell Jen he didn’t want to marry her. “Gavin?”

“Will?” The deep velvet voice rumbled.

“Yeah, come in.  I was just making supper. You like burgers?  I’m making pizza stuffed burgers with corn on the cob.”

“You don’t have to feed me.”

“No worries.  It would take a few seconds to form another burger to throw on.  The corn only takes 5 minutes.  I’m nuking it.”

“Okay. Joe?”

“Yeah, he should be here in a minute.  Come on into the kitchen.  We weren’t expecting you.”

“I wasn’t expecting to be here.”  Gavin left it at that. He settled his long hard frame on a stool at the counter.  Will estimated he topped Joe by a good 5 inches.  Damn.  Joe hadn’t told him the man was tall.  Hell, he was taller than Will.

“Hey.”  Joe’s hand changed into his boots, jeans, and a tee-shirt. Not fancy by any means. Somehow that comforted Will.

Gavin raised his head and gave Joe a crooked smile. “Hey back.”

Joe glanced at Will.

“Oh for god’s sake.  Hug him.”

They laughed as Gavin stood and they hugged. “Looking good.”

“Yeah.  You too, Gavin.  What’s up?”

“I need your help. I…”  Gavin stopped.

“Look.  Go out on the patio while I finish up.  Joe, start up the grill.”

Joe reached over and pulled him into his arms. “You sure?”

“Yeah.  Go.  You forget, Mac’s coming?”


“Yeah.  You better warn Gavin.”

“Warn me about what?”

“Mac.  Come on.  Help me start the grill.”


Will placed the last plate on the table beside the pool. “Gavin changing?”

“Yeah, I loaned him my trunks. ” Joe put the plate of steaming roasting ears on the table, grabbed one and started to butter it up.

“Hey, save some for dinner. Gavin in swim trunks? Mac’s gonna die.”

“Yeah,” Joe grinned and took a bite of the corn. “Best damn corn.”

“Don’t talk with your mouth full.” Will blushed as Joe wiggled his eyebrows at him.

“Well, if Mac…”

“You talking about me?” Mac strolled in wearing a new, expensive suit. He flung his arms out and turned around. “You like? I got it for 2/3 off because one of my former clients…”

Gavin walked out of the pool house. Will stopped moving and stared. Joe halted in mid-bite and stared at Will’s expression then turned to see Gavin. He growled. Mac took a couple steps forward and fell head-first into the pool. He came up sputtering. “What the hell!”

That broke the trance. Will laughed, Joe stopped growling and snickered. Gavin stared quizzically at him.

Will caught his breath and said “Sorry Mac, I moved the pool.” and started to howl again but this time Joe joined. him

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