“All I Have To Do Is Dream” A Standing Stone Short.

This is not in Standing Stone.

The lightning caught Mac’s attention. Streaks of hot white light flashed down the valley, crawling closer to him. He crossed the room to the balcony overlooking the pool. Joe’s bike stood next to the garage.

Of course, Joe would be here.  If he wasn’t, Will would be at Joe’s.  At least, Mac thought he was at Joe’s when he wasn’t here. Mac refused to go to Joe’s after King Tut took a romantic interest in him. That new damn cologne he bought was a llama magnet. It was supposed to be a Will magnet. Instead of Will chasing Mac, King Tut jumped the fence and came after him with lust in his eyes. Joe laughed so hard he couldn’t do a damn thing. Instead, Will saved his ass when he lured Tut back in the barnyard with a donut. Fickle llama throwing him over for food. Now if he could get Joe to stop calling him llama bait, everything would be fine.

He stepped out on the balcony hoping they were having an evening swim in the pool. It was empty but the rec room glowed with a soft light. Music played through the open French doors.  It’s all right, have a good time

Near the windows, Will swayed in time to the music. Memories of holding Will and dancing made him ache. Will spun then moved sideways clapping as he went. Mac leaned on the railing as he watched Will. The man could dance. He closed his eyes remembering another time.


Mac walked into his living room to find a sweat glistening Will, dressed only in shorts, dancing to a fast Latin song. Hard, he danced forward to join Will.

Throwing his head back, Will laughed and moved against him. Their bodies swayed to the music. Mac’s arms wrapped around Will as he leaned in for a kiss. Will didn’t stop dancing as he asked, “You can dance?”

“Yeah. It seems you can, too.” Mac’s hands trailed over bronze skin. Will’s eyes lit with fire.

The Crests were singing In the still of the night. Will molded against him and wrapped his arms around Mac’s neck. They swayed in place.

“One of relatives wanted a girl, but she got me, so she tortured me with ballet until her daughter came along and they shipped me out. I wanted Tap or Jazz. I got there early and watched Jazz.” Will brushed Mac’s lips with his.

“You can dance. This why you so good in bed?”

“Maybe it’s just because I love you?”

“Maybe.” Mac leaned his head against Will’s. “Maybe it’s because I love you too.”

“Might be.” Will’s hands trailed over Mac. “Anyway, it helped me play football. Great leg muscle development.”

“Did wonderful things for them too. Wanna wrap them around my neck?” Mac leered.

“After.” Will danced away from him as the song changed to Run Around Sue.

Mac called, “I catch you I can do what I want with you.”

Will looked back over his shoulder and winked at Mac.


Mac shuddered then opened his eyes to see Will still danced. When it’s cold outside, I’ve got the month of May…

He said, “I did. I had all that. Will was right. I gave it away. I gave away my heart.”

Will opened his arms and beckoned to someone. Joe danced into Mac’s sight. Graceful as Will, he wrapped Will in his arms. The song changed to a Reggae tune, Don’t worry about a thing.

In the warmth of the light, gold shimmered next to Will’s bronze glow. He smiled at Joe the way he used to smile at Mac as he danced across the floor with Joe in his arms. Joe’s expression said he held the world in his arms. They stopped and Joe pulled his shirt off then Will’s. He pulled Will back in his arms. Mac’s throat burned with unshed tears and he forgot about the coming storm. His Joe. His Will. He wanted Will back, and God help him, he wanted Joe, too.

Joe started to sing to Will when the next song came on. I’m your puppet.

Will wrapped himself around Joe and silenced him with a kiss.

A tear fell as Mac left the balcony.


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