Standing Stone. Not a Cliffhanger. Nope. Mutter.

Okay.  I fully admit that Christopher slipped that last paragraph in there.  I was playing should I or shouldn’t I?  And he won.  It is not nor was it ever intended to be a cliffhanger.  It is NOT a cliffhanger.  But the bloody man had to tell you he was still there in his own fine style.I do not care how much I am beat about the head by keyboards.  It is NOT the start of a series if you are talking traditional series.  Nope.  Will there be more Standing Stone Universe books?  Yes.  See the bottom of the post. Are they a series? No. Not like Confounded will be.  MUTTER.

The key is, not every serial killer is caught.  Not every serial killer is found after being identified.  It would terrorize the public to realize this.  All those reports of missing people who are never found? Many of them are the result of those who are smart enough not to get caught.  We love to think that all crime is punished.  Sometimes it isn’t.  Will and Joe will have their HEA.  Christopher being punished? Perhaps … Perhaps.

Like the very good serial killers, Christopher simply reinvented himself.  His family? Somewhere safe.  Horrified about Daddy.  Location unknown after the police notified them.  I’m sure they are being watched and I’m just as sure that Christopher will not show up there because that endangers him. Nan is taking very good care of the kids for him. After all, she’s cut from the same cloth.  They always had a plan.  That little trip to Virginia when it blew up in Christopher’s face wasn’t to visit the relations as they claimed. It was to set up the escape for the family.  The only unknown factor in it was his falling for Will.  He didn’t count on that.  And his Pretty is safe with their Toy, who will take care of him.  The visit was a risk and he left as quietly as he came once he saw his Pretty.

Will he show up in later books?  Probably.  I haven’t asked him but I’m sure he’s not going to let anyone harm his Pretty on his watch. Will he be caught?  Only if he gets terminally stupid.  His infatuation with William might be his weak link.

He has firmly inserted himself as a character and I’m not about to argue with him at this point.

So I can tell you, he will be around.  More than that? Nope.  I do not know myself at this point.  It isn’t a cliffhanger.  I’m sorry that you thought it was. It can’t be a cliffhanger when the writer has no dang clue what their characters are going to do and let me tell you, that man has a mind of his own.

Are there questions that will be answered? Yep.  In future books, as more of their lives unfold.  Like life, you don’t get all the answers at once.  If you have questions, feel free to post them here in the comments and I’ll work them into the following books once I know this is important to you.  Some are just going to be answered as the books go along but this way you can make sure it will be answered.  I do promise to answer them.

The next Standing Stone is after that is Cain’s Dessert. It’s Cain’s story.  It seems Cain isn’t as dead as they thought.   But after Joe and Ray find out he might be.

Silver Future has Joe being called back to his old job.  He pays back the favor he called in when Will was kidnapped.

Lost Lambs is Will’s.  The men who killed Bobby and tried to kill him are back and Will finally finds out why they tried to kill him and who they are.  In Standing Stone, he has no clue who they are.

Just One Look is on the agenda.  It’s not Standing Stone related.  Bruce, who lost his much older lover, falls in love with a much younger man.  Now he has to face his fears.  Does he love Ethan enough to stay or enough to leave him?

Confounded [which is what I should be writing at this moment…] is a paranormal.  Pushed around, Alasdair, the youngest alpha of 7 brothers all in line for The pack Alpha job wolves wants only peace and quiet and his own space.  He moved into his own house and became an accountant.  Now he is looking for his sweet little twink of a mate only to discover his mate is another Alpha.  And not only an Alpha, but The Alpha of another pack.  The very thing he was trying to avoid.   And he and Dash are going to get more than they bargained for in the series.  The Fates have it out for them.

And there are others in the works that I’m sure Lisa Oliver will nag me until I write them since she saw the samples of them.  Note to self: Stop showing Lisa the samples.  You make more work for your lazy self.

As always, you can buy Standing Stone here on Amazon. And you can read it for free if you have KU for 90 days.

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