ARe blocking their authors from disabling accounts?

A writer attempted to disable her account since ARe has said they are not paying anything after Dec 27th to authors.  They are still selling books.

When Cathryn Cade attempted to disable she got this message:

‘Your account access has been temporarily suspended.
Due to new tax accounting requirements we must verify that all publishers and affiliates have correct and current tax/contact information on file.
Our records indicate that some of your information is missing or requires updating and/or annual verification.

Please email our Senior Accountant, Shannon Hull. She can unlock your account so that you can update your contact information AND complete your on-line tax profile. Shannon can be reached at’

You can find her comment here: Blogcritics

Also note there are actions you can take if you are  an author who is involved in this.  REMEMBER THEY ARE NOT YOUR PUBLISHER.  If you used the publishing branch they started, you have limited options depending on your contract.  For the rest of the authors, they are a storefront.  Treat this as you would any store trying to rip you off.