And what fresh hell is this? UPDATED [Link added] Dec 30

No, I’m not even talking about the crap is pulling by hiding the admin board behind their “improved” crap and not giving you a link to it so you have to type in wp-admin after the name of your site to get in.  [However, it is crap.  Just so you know WP]

The New Fresh Hell of the Day is ARe.  Stands for All Romances storefront and for some very unlucky souls [but not many of the books they sell on their site] publisher of Romance novels.  A storefront.  It’s closing.  But before we shed tears, that is where the con job comes in.

You see they are still selling author books after telling they are paying up to Dec 27th.  They are taking advertising revenue from said authors when they knew they were closing.  They are keeping your preorder money if you are a customer.  If you published with them, they are being so generous as to return your rights, screw your Royalties Payment.  [You’ll never see a penny.]  For the authors who didn’t publish with them including some major publishing companies for Romance writers, they are being so generous as to offer them 10 cents on the dollar.  Yes you got that right 10 cents on the $1.   So if you sold $1000 worth of books, you are basically..well…screwed.   So sorry.  We got the funds but we are keeping it.   And the latest news is if you have credits on the site as a buyer? They are gone.  You done been ripped off people.

Writers are slamming the books shut as fast as they can by disabling them on the site.  Most authors are being kind and ask for you to send them your receipts and they will gladly  make sure you get the book.  And they are being taken across but they still are stepping up.  The same for preorders from publishing companies.  The only real bastard in this are the people who run ARe.

And they are still taking money for books.  They haven’t disabled it.  They aren’t handing it over to the authors either at this point.   This is where I have an issue.  They can’t do this.  They do not have a contract that allows them to do this.  At this point, it may be a criminal act.   I would suggest checking Florida law to see if it is a crime and you can call the police.  I would suggest calling the companies you used to make purchases such as paypal/visa/and the like and raising hell.  Especially if you preordered a book and they are keeping the funds.  They can’t do that.  Taking money with failure to deliver is theft and fraud.  Hold them to it.

IMPORTANT:   This came from my author groups on FB:  Noticed by Garrett Leigh:  The email says, “Upon receipt of the signed agreement, I will authorize payment of the settlement amount in full by 28 February 2016 via the method stipulated in your publisher account.” Incorrectly stating Feb. 2016 instead of 2017.  DO  NOT SIGN THIS UNTIL THEY CORRECT IT.  It is a legal document.  NEVER SIGN A LEGAL DOCUMENT WITH THE WRONG DATE.

You can find information at

Joe Hunt


A Facebook Group for Authors who are involved in this.
[note: it’s a closed group. Don’t show up just to rubberneck. Only join if you have a horse in this race. I don’t so I have no clue what is going on there.]

Writer’s Beware [has more links to more coverage and a survey for those authors involved]

I really wish it could have been a better post.  You can track the growing shit storm at

The water cooler.


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