Standing Stone. Thank you and some information.

Standing Stone…  First Lisa Oliver and I are having a very serious discussion about the fact that there needs to be a sequel to the Serial Killer.  SK is going to do what SK wants.  He’s a serial killer.  [and I hid all the keyboards.]  It’s been most enlightening.

Lisa: You cannot put that in there and not do a sequel.
Phil: Mutter.
Lisa: Stop muttering.
Phil: Snort.
Lisa: And stop snorting.
Phil:  […] has a mind of his own. It was suppose to be a stand-alone.
Lisa: It is not.
Phil: It is too.
Lisa: Is not.
Phil: Is too.

Well you see how stimulating it has been.  Is there an update on that?  Not at this time.

Second, I am still astounded of what you have done for a totally unknown writer who may or may not have been any good.   And I do promise to get better.  Thank you, all of you.

I have a very good editor working on fixing the famous “Damn it, it ate the damn edits.”  There will be a fixed version released.  A delete from device NOT delete from order-  Repeat NOT Delete from orders – should fix and let you download the newest [that was the scrambled fast fix the day of release.]  DO CHECK WITH AMAZON IF YOU HAVE NEVER DONE THIS.   They will help you.  Help is hidden way back in the help and after you go through tons of unrelated crap, it will offer to let you call them. [serious eye roll]   However they always have been fantastic when I did call them for anything.   I’m also not being a fool and instituting a new system to cover my ass if it ever happens again.

And it seems you Will and Joe.  Many who read it on KU are buying the book.  I’m so glad you love the guys as much as I do.

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