I’m in Shock and very big Thank Yous.

I need to thank all of you for your support. Last night I was totally amazed. Lisa Oliver can testify to that.

Standing Stone reached #22 on Amazon in Books > Gay & Lesbian > Literature & Fiction > Fiction > Gay.

#25 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Gay Fiction

And #36 in Books > Gay & Lesbian > Literature & Fiction > Fiction > Romance > Gay

I have no clue where it went from there because I turned off the net, read until I was tired, and then turned on some Terry Pratchett Discworld audio to go to sleep. From what I saw on my Amazon dashboard this morning I suspect that it went even higher.

This morning it is lower but I fully expected that. It’s the nature of book sales. My regret is not seeing exactly where it reached last night.

And all this is due to you. And it is absolutely amazing for a total unknown. Thank you more than I can express. I sincerely hope you have enjoyed the book in return.

Thank you to all who have reviewed the book. Gaining those reviews are the hardest for new authors. Those who read and hurried to review or even rate get another thank you. [No. No matter what Lisa Oliver says I WILL NOT do a victory dance in my underwear for you. She’s just trying to get me to do one for her. But you do have my gratitude.]

Thank you to the Kindle Unlimited readers who are taking the time to get to know a new author and reading my book. [Nope. Still ain’t getting the victory dance]

If you have been around writing communities you realize the number one complaint is no one notices my book. No one notices me. I have a few looks. I have some people read it on Kindle Unlimited. So it is easy for me to understand the reason behind the numbers I just saw was all of you.

And for all of that, you have my deep felt thank you. May the book give you as much enjoyment as the happiness you gave me in the past day.  I do promise I will do my utmost to make every book enjoyable.

This is stunning to me. I’m a total unknown and I made it to those numbers thanks to all of you.  Thank you.

Information and excerpts: http://buff.ly/2hDFpjy

Amazon: http://buff.ly/2hDG2tv

Standing Stone Cover


6 thoughts on “I’m in Shock and very big Thank Yous.

    1. I’m still totally stunned. And they are returning the KUs and buying. That is just amazing to me. They really like the guys. Even poor sweet Mac.

      1. You did a great job on developing the characters. 🙂 Next Friday I am buying the ebook, but still look forward to reading the vanilla version.

      2. That’s on the agenda. Right now I’m working out the plot for Confounded. They are giving me a heck of a time. Especially the bad guy, Dårlig Ulv. I need to get caught up on that so I can work on the vanilla version and on the next 85000 word book.

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