I’ve DONE IT! I’ve actually… oh ahem Release Day for Standing Stone

Finally.  It’s December 15th and Will and Joe and Mac and Ray and Tut are available for you to read in full in all their glory.  [Well okay… Mac sort of keeps his clothes on [everyone keeps trying to put his clothes back on him and Joe does a lot of growling at him] and Ray definitely keeps his clothes on but Joe and Will are… well read the book to find out].

The story started when I wrote a short story for my other half, Gordon.  Joe was pretty much Joe except he was more Joe… think Joe with a dose of Benton Fraser from Due South.  Will has stayed the same.

In case you wonder who has been roaming around in my head as I write these scenes,  This is Joe.  He growls.  And has been accused of being a shifter in a not paranormal book.  He’s just a regular ole deputy sheriff.  Sort of.  He’s got some secrets yet to tell.

Actor casted for Joe

This is Will.  He’s been hurt but he’s the sort who should have a relationship.  He’s husband material.  If only his old boyfriend hadn’t been so stupid and lost him.  Let’s hope Joe isn’t stupid.

Will was a bit of a challenge. I needed a pretty “Indian” as one old geezer described Will in a short I did.  So I started looking for Native Americans who would fit the bill.  [Sometimes we don’t invent our character’s descriptions.  They get told to us.]

actor cast for Will

The rest just fell into place.


Actor cast for Mac


Actor cast for Ray

And although he’s off screen because he’s Ray’s dead twin and Joe’s first love,  Cain:Actor cast for Cain



Actor cast as Jim

And even though he has a very short part, bless his confused brave soul.  Aidan.

Actor cast as Aidan

They all play a part in Joe and Will’s romance.   Oh and how could I almost forget.  Christopher.

Actor cast as Christopher Chamberlain in Standing Stone

They all played parts in the story of Will and Joe and they wound their way through my head creating the story as I wrote it down.

It isn’t the story my Gordon read. I sincerely wish he could have.  I think he would have enjoyed it but that was not to be.

As for Will, Joe and the crew, they all do some changing and growing in Standing Stone.  I hope if you read it, it carries you along on their story and it brings you some laughter and some escape from our everyday world for a while.

As Will says,

“Sometimes you need a happy ending.  It doesn’t have to be yours.”

You can purchase Standing Stone here.

More Information here:  Standing Stone Cover


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