It was a bad cop movie. Come to think of it, it was Mac’s damn fault they were under this bed to begin with. He’s the one who came up with the idea of breaking in. He was supposed to know when the house was clear. The next time he better swear on a stack of Bibles… that wouldn’t work. He was an atheist. Will forgot and lowered his head to the floor again. A sneeze built. Mac poked him. Joe grabbed his clothes and tried to haul Will closer. Shit, if he flipped this damn bed over, they were screwed. Goodbye career, hello jail. Honest to God, if they ever got out of this, he would kill both the sorry sons of bitches then hide the bodies where they would never be found, buy a ticket to Alaska, take a vow of celibacy and go live in the bush.

“Finally. Jesus, Nan, I said put it away not hide it.” A thump, then a scrape sounded from the closet. The sneakers reappeared. Will counted each step until the door closed behind them. No one moved. The shower in the other room came on then a voice erupted in song. He jabbed Joe in the ribs. Joe released him and rolled from under the bed, grabbing the piece of Mac’s shirt on the way. Will followed. When Mac slid out, Joe handed him the piece of his shirt.

Mac whispered, “Get ready to run for it. The window.”

“Aw, no. The dumpster is under that.” Will whispered back as they crawled out from under the bed.

“You rather do the front door? That damn Chihuahua came back with him. He’s got the run of the first floor. You might as well set off every alarm in the neighborhood if we set that damn dog off.”

“And three guys crashing into a dumpster won’t? Besides these are my Lucchese boots. Do you have any idea how much I paid for these? I don’t want to ruin them in some damn dumpster.” Will lifted one leg to show Mac the boots.

“Damn it next time wear normal shoes like the rest of…” Mac paused. “Are those the Classic Seville Goatskin ones with the medium toe?”

“Yeah. And I ain’t spending 1000 dollars on a pair of boots to ruin them.”

Mac examined the boots. “Are they comfortable? I was looking at them the other day.”

“Really comfortable.”

“Oh, Jesus Christ. If you two Marys get done here, feel free to fucking follow me anytime.” Joe opened the window and jumped.

Mac and Will stared at each other.

Will asked, “Did he just call us Marys?”

“Yep.” Mac said as he swung through the window.

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