Standing Stone to Confounded

Standing Stone has been put to bed and is waiting for the publication day, December 15th, 2016.  It seems weird now.  It’s gone.  There is no calling it back.  And I can only hope for the best: that it will keep you entertained and make you hungry for more of my writing.

I need to thank  RPMASDesigns.  If it wasn’t for their cover, you might be  looking at something  ugly.  She’s very talented and wonderful to work with.  I need to thank Linda because even after she swore she would not proof read, she proof read.  Lisa Oliver, also, because she keeps cracking keyboards over my head. My Betas who were too many to mention but know who you are.  Thank you.  Without you it wouldn’t have the shape it as today.  And Pressbooks for  making book designing easy for those of us who are non-martyrs and prefer simple, easy and professional.

Now that it’s to bed, I’m working on the next one called Confounded.  It is part of a series about a nice, anal-retentive, alpha wolf, Alasdair.   The series titled Alasdair’s Dilemma.  [And he’s about to get one.]  A nice sweet little twink for a mate? Don’t count on it.  In fact, the Fates have it out for him when it comes to mates.  I’m sure they are snickering as they plot. Why are they doing this to him? No clue.  You’ll have to ask them.


Alasdair’s large family drove him crazy. Loud boisterous alpha brothers made family life hell for a quiet alpha and as soon as he could, he moved out into his own home. Now the only thing missing was his mate. His wonderful submissive beautiful little mate who was out there somewhere. He just knew it. And Fate answered him. Just not the way he had it planned out. Now he’s stuck reforming his biker bum alpha mate into something that will fit into his life.

Dash, short for Dashiell Williams Parkes III, was testing the new prototype motorcycle his company is going to produce when his mate, an alpha, slammed into him with a car. And then he proceeded to yell at him for breaking his ’61 Corvette. After the first whiff of mate, there was no way he was letting this wolf get away even if he was a prig. He let his mate assume he was an out-of-work biker bum who fixed motorcycles to pick up cash while he worked on his mate’s attitude and plan to reform the prig into being a suitable alpha mate. But how do you hide you own your own company and you are the Alpha of your pack?

Scheduled for January 2017.

Now I best get to work.