Standing Stone Excerpt: Breakfast

Yesterday had been a trying day for Will, Joe and Ray. A hunter accidentally discovered a grave and that grave turned out to be a burial ground for a serial killer’s victims.  Since it was late they decided to stay at Joe’s nearby house.   Will has  extra pressure on him so he made his favorite comfort food, flannel cakes for breakfast.  Since Ray and he have worked together when he was in Philadelphia, they fall back on an old stress reliever for them.  But it has the unexpected effect of making Joe jealous.  Perhaps he’s waking up to his feeling for Will.  For now, just enjoy breakfast with them.

Excerpt from Standing Stone: Breakfast

Still in his pajamas, Ray wandered into the kitchen. “Morning Dear.”

“Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes.” Will flipped the flannel cake. Bed, hard on, partner, sex offender. How much worse could it get? Thank God for Ray and their old routine. It was as comforting as the flannel cakes.

“Yes, Dear. Did the kids get off to school okay?” Ray poured a glass of orange juice and picked up the paper.

“No, Honey. Junior is still asleep. He’s decided he’s going to be a male stripper and pole dancer instead of an engineer. I have no clue what sort of poles he’s planning on using. And Cindy Lou didn’t come home last night. She called. Her trick paid her extra for the whole night.”

Ray buried his face in the paper and answered, “That’s nice, Dear.”
Will rolled his eyes and kept moving the flannel cakes to the plates.


Joe woke to the smell of pancakes and fresh coffee. He stared at the ceiling wondering if he should just hide under the bed. His stomach voted he get up and eat. If Will’s pancakes were like his omelets, his stomach vetoed any excuses.

A cozy domestic scene greeted him. Ray’s arm appeared from behind the paper to pick up his coffee as Will piled more flannel cakes on a plate. Will said, “And then when Johnny gets done with trade school, he wants to go to work for that nice mob boss in New York City. He’s had a job offer already.”

“Un huh, Dear.” Ray turned a page.

“And little Ethel shoved that nasty Home Ec teacher in the oven during class. Well, I guess she won’t be having any more problems with that old witch. She does take after your mother.”

“Yes, dear.” Ray’s head didn’t emerge from the paper. He took another sip of coffee.
Apprehensive, Joe watched the easy way Will and Ray were behaving. He stared at the back of Ray’s paper then at Will. Forgetting his embarrassment, he strolled into the room. “Mornin’”

Ray never looked up. “Oh Good. Junior is awake.”

Will blushed.

“Pancakes look good.”

“They are flannel cakes.” Will handed him a plate.

Ray put down the paper. “Don’t rush. Homer is coming to pick me up and we’re going to the site. You two need to talk to Doc Chambers. I want to know how they died and the time frame. He said it would be after 11 a.m. so you have plenty of time.”

A horn honked. “And that would be my ride.”

Will rolled his eyes when Ray stood up.

Sticking his head out the door, Ray yelled, “Give me 10 minutes.”

Joe stopped eating as Ray patted Will’s head. “Don’t get up dear. Just tell Cindy to leave the check from the john on my desk. I’ll put it in her college account. Tell Johnny to check out the retirement package before he agrees to anything. And who is like my mother? The old witch or Ethel? Be good Junior. Watch out for the edge of the stage. Love you, dear.”

Will threw his napkin at the door as it closed behind Ray.

Joe looked at Will the same way he did suspects.

“It’s something we started when we worked a case together.”

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If you are interested in making a Flannel Cake recipe, Click here. It differs from Will’s and his includes vanilla  and a bit of sugar but he’s not handing out the recipe.