You are really boring me, people. Yes, I’m Gay

Oh for God sake.  Some people are so bloody thick in the head they shouldn’t be breathing.  Can you believe there are idjits who think I’m straight?  Course I didn’t like them well enough to tell them I was gay.  On the net you can be anything you want.  No one knows you are a dog… or a Registered Coonhound who is pure slut named Rosa Tart out of Sweet Alex Tart. [Read Standing Stone to get the reference.]

I’ve been gay since I had a crush on… no wait… The cute little blond in the first grade doesn’t count.  He was really cute but my first crush was Little Joe  Cartwright.  I think I was 3.  I know I was glued to the TV set to see him.

I did wait until the navy to do anything about it… you know… Anchors away.   [dirty grin inserted here].

If you don’t know I’m gay, you do now.  And frankly, if I didn’t tell you, I didn’t like you enough to tell your sorry ass that I was.  I’m nice to everyone unless they are mean.  And let’s face it, if you thought I was straight until now and are just reading this?  You qualify as mean and nasty.  I was polite.  You were annoying.  End of that soap opera.

Yep. I’m  gay.   And if you didn’t know, I didn’t want you to know and you know what?  That’s my right.  Not yours.  And you want to know why?  Look at your reaction.  Answer enough.


2 thoughts on “You are really boring me, people. Yes, I’m Gay

  1. OMG!! You’re gay? Since when?? Oh, maybe you told me that like 5 years or so ago. *shrugs* Don’t care. You’re a bestie. 🙂

    1. Tell me about it. Rotty knew. Liexo knew. half a dozen others all knew. You had to be slow on the uptake not to know. Hell, you knew before I told you so a person would have to be thick as a tick with a head cold not to know. And then to get all indignant about it.. snicker. That’s saying “I don’t know why you don’t like me” duh. And talk about nosy. Why did they have to know. If they assumed something and made an ass out of themselves, it’s their problem. I never said I was straight. I never said I was gay. The idjits assume and then get their girdles in a twist over something they assumed.

      And then have the gall to say I hid it from people. I didn’t hide shit. I just didn’t tell them. I’m not one to say “Oh and I’m GAYYYYYY.” Talk about rude sociopaths.

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