AND THE WINNER IS…. WRITEWAYPRO. Bye Felicia to Scrivener.

You remember way back I was throwing a bitch fit about Scrivener and it’s eating chapters and replacing scenes with outdated scenes from backups?  Yeah, the big “Did you fuck this up or what?” update.   And I quit.  Focus Writer was a strong contender and it was free.  It was okay and the best of the lot which ain’t saying much.

Then I found WriteWay.  A free fully operational trial [except printing and exporting] for over a month.  That lets you figure out if it works for you.  It had all the stuff I actually liked about Scrivener without the bullshit of the detailed hard to figure out excess.  I mean lets face it, every time I wanted to fix the format because cut and paste didn’t work right, I had to look up how to fix the format.  With WriteWay?  Snap, it’s done.  No looking up.  Go TEAM!

AND it lets you set your goals and tracks them.  How many thing the best damn thing about NaNoWriMo is that damn graph and tracking?  How many wish they would just offer the damn thing year around and would probably pay them if they did?  NaNoWinner stats

Yeah.  That one?  Ain’t it a bitch they don’t?  Well guess what?  It isn’t exactly like that but… the program offers you a tracking tool and word count tool plus lets you pick the days to include.  If you look at the examples of the software when you open it you will see a little green and red circle on it.  That shows you your progress without even accessing the stats tool.

set your word count

In this case I haven’t it because I haven’t started to work on Just One Look in WriteWay yet.  I added the first chapter to show you what you will get.  You can also put ‘imported’ word counts in there if you are moving from say… Scrivener to WriteWay so it doesn’t screw up your count.

Started Stat Page


Now what the software looks like when you open it up:

Writewaypro opening screen

I can color code the scenes.    Handy.  Yellow for working on, Red in this case for the Serial Killer, Blue for done.  I can set them up as I like.  Nice.  The Notecard at the bottom I can get rid of simply by hitting F4.

Hit F4 and note screen gone

Want full screen?  If you look at the top of the above pictures you will see a Fullscreen option.  Click.

Fullscreen view

It doesn’t auto spell check as you type and I discovered that it makes it easier for me to type.  On the toolbar you’ll see a little check mark and ABC button.  Click it and it checks the entire scene you are working on.

You can preview your manuscript in finished mode with just a click.   AND it reads to me!  LOVE IT.Preview mode with a TTS reader

Yeah, it has a storyboard, research area, character area and can be customized.  Best of all?  No learning curve bullshit from Scrivener.  And better, it saves in formats that can be read in Open Office or Wordpad or MS Office with no fuss or muss.

Damn.  Just for ease and intuitiveness, it wins.  I pulled a bone head move.  I didn’t save before I clicked out right after I installed this and was transferring my books over to see how it worked.  I about had a fit because I just went through the Scrivener ate my book/chapter/scene bullshit.  I opened the program back up.  There was the entire thing, safe and sound.  That alone almost made my decision for me.

In the 3 weeks I have used this,  I know the software, I have had to look up 2 things but once I did, it made perfect sense and didn’t have to look it back up again [unlike how to get Scrivener to adjust formatting of cut and pastes… and… by the way? Writeway has NO emotional problems with either cutting or pasting and the formatting carried through.  Snap.  Unlike Scrivener who is worse that an aging drag queen after someone says “Dearie, is that a wrinkle I see?”

So Christmas day, I paid the 35 dollars and I now own an able to print and export copy.  The formats are ebook ready to be uploaded to your favorite store.

Diagnosis?  Finally.  Someone gets that you don’t want to spend 15 minutes figuring out the software when you can be writing.  Software that understands you want to indent the first line of every paragraph without a freakin’ war.  You can change the formatting from single, 1.5, and double spaced to which other one you want with a click.   This software is made for writers.  It has everything you need and you don’t have to pay some dweb 150 bucks for a class on how to use it.  It’s not there for the name, it’s there for YOU, the writer.

WINNER.  I am so damn glad they screwed up the update of Scrivener otherwise I would have never found this.