Anna’s Rules for Wannabe Writers!

11. HIRE AN EDITOR. I don’t care if you think you write like God.

Anna Dobritt -- Author

Anna’s Rules for Wannabe Writers

1. Unplug your game console, and turn off the TV.
2. Go to a library and check out books about writing and grammar basics.
3. Read the books you checked out, and take notes.
4. Learn to use a search engine for finding more information about writing. There are a lot of sites on the web.
5. Set aside at least an hour each day to sit down and write! What do you mean you don’t have an hour to spare? How much time do you spend texting your friends, taking selfies or posting and commenting on Facebook? Also, see rule 1. Get up an hour earlier.
6. Read! Read! Read! Read fiction and non-fiction books. If you are interested in writing in a certain genre, then read books from that genre. Ask yourself what it is you like about your favorite books.
7. Join…

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