Yeah. I won. Again. oh joy And Scrivener and I are quits.


NaNoWriMo winner banner

I’m excited.  I’m not asleep yet, close but no cigar.  It might be the coffee…

I won NaNoWriMo… again.  I’m a bit behind of my usual word count for a month.  It was only 73,500 words.   Health got in the way.  And editing.  And it wasn’t the book I thought I was writing.

 NaNoWinner stats


I am having a war with Scrivener.  Okay, that’s a lie.  I quit.  I’m going to delete it.   It ATE MY FREAKIN’ BOOK from last year.   I opened up The Path to the North Pole and the freaking program ate my book.   This was the second round.  IT ATE MY BOOK.  Gone.  Poof.  Vanished. Bye Bye.   80,000 words vanished.   NOT happy is an understatement.  No I did NOT contact them.  Why? Because we have been through this.

About a month or two ago, I was rewriting two scenes for Standing Stone.  I had them open in Scrivener.  I opened up a browser window to double-check a fact [you do that in your writing, right?].   I go back to Scrivener.  The freaking entire scene has vanished.  Gone.  Kaput.   Nada.  I try to get it back because Scrivener does automatic backups right?  Nope.  Nothing.  It’s NOT there.  As if it never existed.  I email support.  They give me the “You did this…” tap dance.  Okay.  Fine.  I’ll buy it.  I might have.  Somehow switching windows shouldn’t erase an entire 2000 word scene but hey… you get one.  Only one.  After that? You be screwed.  Scrivener is screwed.  I don’t go back for years if at all.  Take MasterCook.  I still use MasterCook 3 because the rest of the series was crap.

Oh back to writing… then a book vanishes the same way.  Now, I KNOW damn well it isn’t me.   I’ve been using computers since 1979 [USN].  I’ve been on “windows” since DOS.  I can navigate in DOS better than certain political candidates can speak English.   Hell, I do all my own work on the computer.  I once lied to DOS and got it to print out something it swore it couldn’t do.   An entire book of an unopened file does NOT just vanish and get replaced with empty scenes.  I adjusted like crazy to make sure this never happened again following Scrivener’s crappy advice.  I’m not happy is an understatement.  I spent NaNoWriMo rewriting the damn thing which probably will have to be rewritten because I was sick most of the time.

THEN [you knew this was coming right?]…  I open the same book it ate the scene for.  It  [fill in with whatever swear words you want but you  might keep in mind I was a sailor in the USN] ATE the two chapters I worked on the day before.

It ain’t me.  It is the new version of Scrivener for Windows.  That upgrade sucks.   It’s as buggy as a bed in a cheap hotel.

Scrivener and I are quits.

So… I am looking for new software which creates a problem.  I’m not going to Windows 10.  I am taking my tush over the mountains to PSU and going to the surplus store and buying a Mac.  Dirt cheap.  I’m done with Windows and their crap.  It’s nice Windows thinks it is done too and it will only update Windows 10 but they should have done that about XP.  Yes, I know I’ve threatened this for years but after having a nice trial on a nice expensive computer [not mine.  I don’t do expensive], ain’t no way I am doing that crap.  Windows is.. well… as lost as Bill Gate’s morals, not that he ever had any, I mean after all he’s a businessman.  They tend to be low on morals if they get as rich as he is.

So far, FocusWriter has it.  I learned how to customize it.  And I like it.  Right down to the typewriting sound when you type.  But hey, I learned how to type on IBM Selectrics so…

My customization of FocusWriter

We’ll see who wins the Windows software.  IF Martin writes on WordStar 4.0 on DOS, I damn well can use whatever on Windows 7 [which I ain’t fond of but…]

All and all?  It’s been a crappy November.   But I do have some codes if you want them.  I’m not using them so let me know.