RWA Newsletter notice on Ellora’s Cave

I opened my RWA newsletter this morning to find this:

“RWA Executive Director Allison Kelley has been in touch with Patty Marks, CEO of Ellora’s Cave, regarding complaints about the company. Marks responded by stating “currently we are not as up to date with royalties as we want to be and will be,” and added that the company is trying to catch up.

Failure to pay authors in a timely manner is a violation of RWA’s Code of Ethics for Industry Professionals. Violations of this Industry Professional Code of Ethics may result in loss of privileges such as (but not limited to) listing in Market and Agent Updates, participation in workshops and pitch sessions, and the opportunity to advertise in RWA’s publications.

Kelley notified Ms. Marks that Ellora’s Cave must refrain from contacting members or chapters regarding new submissions and refrain from participation in any RWA or chapter event until the company has achieved satisfactory resolution of the Code of Ethics violation.”

If you are contacted and a member of RWA, makes sure you let the RWA know [and read your newsletter…]