Best laid plans can ruin some boots

This is a clip from the 4th revision of Standing Stone.  Joe, Will and Mac are trapped under a 4 poster bed because the owner of the home came home earlier than expected while they were searching for clues to a serial killer.  So they are trapped with only one way out. For Groupthink

The footsteps started back up and the door opened then closed.  The steps faded down the hall.  Another door opened and closed.  They heard a shower start up in the next room.  The two on either side of Will shut up.

Mac whispered, “Get ready to run for it.  The window.”

“Aw, no.  The dumpster is under that.” Whispering, Will protested as they crawled out from under the bed.

“You rather do the front door?  That damn Chihuahua came back with him.  He’s got the run of the first floor.  You might as well set off every alarm in the neighborhood if we set that damn dog off.”

“And three guys crashing into a dumpster won’t? Besides these are my Lucchese boots.  Do you have any idea how much I paid for these?  I don’t want to ruin them in some damn dumpster.”  Will lifted one leg to show Mac the boots.

“Damn it next time wear normal shoes like the rest of…” Mac paused. “Are those the Classic Seville Goatskin ones with the medium toe?”

“Yeah.  And I ain’t spending 800 dollars on a pair of boots to ruin them.”

Mac took a closer look at the boots.  “Are they comfortable?  I was looking at them the other day.”

“Really comfortable.”

“Oh Jesus Christ.  If you two Mary’s get done here, feel free to follow me anytime.”  Joe opened the window and jumped.

Mac and Will stared at each other then followed.

If anyone had been out on the steaming summer afternoon, they would have seen three very smelly officers of the law. They missed the scintillating professional conversation.

“I wasn’t sure if it would be worth the cost.”  Mac peered at the boots again.

“Every penny of it was worth it.  I don’t know how I’ll get the smell out of them.  I guess I’ll have to buy another pair.”

“Before you toss them, can I try them?  You and I wear the same shoe size, remember?” Mac moved a bit too close to Will.  He moved away fast when he heard the growl erupt from Joe’s throat.  “Damn it, Joe. I just want to see the damn boots.”

“That better be all you want to see.” Joe pushed in between Will and Mac.

They stopped walking and stared at the patrol car.

“Ray is going to kill us.” Will  said to Joe.

“Yep.  Better leave those boots to Mac in your will.”

They both remembered who created the mess and turned to glare at Mac.

“It was a good idea. How the hell was I suppose to know he was going to pick up the mouthy animal?”  Mac protested.

Neither answered him.

“You really wouldn’t make me walk the whole way into town would you?  My cell phone broke when we landed.”  Gauging their expression, Mac realized that was the wrong thing for him to say.  “Look, I’m sorry.  Really sorry.  It’s 99 out here.  What do you think I’ll smell like before I get to a phone?”

“About ten times worse than we smell right now, Mac.”  Will exchanged looks with Joe and they started to run toward the car.

“Damn it guys.”  Glad he ran track in school, Mac sprinted for the car.  He made it to the car and slammed the back door shut as Joe and Will made it in the front.

Will put the keys in the ignition. “Well, that didn’t work.”

“Nope.” Joe sighed.

“I vote for making him do the laundry.”

“Yep.  And buying you new boots.”

“Now there is a great idea.”

Ray made Mac scrub the patrol car, repeatedly. On hot days the guys still swore there was the lingering whiff of garbage. A new sign appeared on the office bulletin board. “Out with an FBI agent? Use THEIR car.”


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