Do you watch Book Trailers?

This is a question authors ask about their audience and a question that even some readers ask when they say why do authors produce this.  And some people have never even heard of a book trailer.  A book trailer needs to be well done to draw attention and if you say well done, that means either you have talent with audio/visual programs or hire someone.  Either way, it costs to do it properly.  So the question is simply: is it worth the expense?

If you don’t know about Book Trailers aka “What the devil are you talking about”  you can find out more here and examples of two very well done book trailers.   So far those are the only book trailers I actually like and makes me think I want to read the book.

Huffington Post discusses it along with the Best and Worst videos.

Most out there are  bad.   Note, these authors hired actors.  Actors have to be paid [even if they are bad actors]  Most authors use pictures instead with free music off the net.  The results tend NOT to be pretty.

And one truly horrendous trailer. Warning rated triple R for insult to sensibility and bulldogs everywhere.  Before watching remember you cannot unsee.    cat large eyes shocked look

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2 thoughts on “Do you watch Book Trailers?

  1. Sorry, but book trailers do not increase my interest in reading a book. The book cover, blurb and an excerpt is what I prefer. I consider a trailer a commercial and I ignore commercials as much as possible.

    1. I never watch them but I thought I would throw the question out to see what people think. I like the two trailers on there by Helen Phillips. It’s kids books but it made me actually want to look at them. The rest… Lord no.

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