William Danner Character Part 3

How do you speak (speak loudly, quickly, whispering, interrupting, talkative, etc)? quietly. People listen when you are quite. I can also be loud if the situation requires it.
Are you dominant or easily unnoticed in a conversation, or somewhere in between? None of the above? A conversation is a exchange not a contest.
What words and phrases do you use frequently (omg, dude, like, um, for pete’s sakes,)? Stop or I’ll shoot?
What expletives do you use in surprise or irritation (swears, gasps, yowza, etc)? Um.. swear. I swear and you don’t need to know for a public interview.
Do you speak properly or often use slang and bad grammar? I speak English.
Does your speaking style change when you’re around certain people? If so, how? Besides gasping and saying “More, more.. Oh Joe…” [Joe claps hand over mouth]
What is your accent or dialect? I don’t have one. Joe: Philly [Will stares at Joe]
What is your pitch and voice texture? Medium range and the texture is… Damn it, what is my texture? [Looks to Joe] Joe: Pure velvet, baby.

What are the five worst things possible to happen to you? Three bullets, open heart surgery and Bobby dying.
How would you prepare for a hot date? Will opens mouth but Joe stops him. “NO” . Will: okay. No comment.
How would you tackle a big research project? a piece at a time.
How would you react in a fight? I’m a cop. How do you think I would react?
What do you do when you’re bored (go crazy, tap your fingers, hum)? Get sleepy.
What are you or would you be embarrassed about? I’m thinking, I’ll get back to you.
What is the first thing you do every morning (go for a jog, check your phone, take a pill, check your own pulse, etc)? The first thing? Hit the head. What else? Don’t you?
What would you do with 5 million dollars? Ah… well… pretty much what I am doing now.
If you could teleport anywhere, where would you go (Hawaii, your mom’s house, the theatre, that old barn you used to play in, etc)? Back to that damn alley and warn Bobby and myself.
What is your favorite holiday and how do you celebrate it? Naked Men’s jumping jack day. It should be a National holiday.
What are your holiday traditions? I don’t really have any except working on the holidays so others could have off. Joe and I are developing them as we go.
What do you spend most of your day doing? Depends on the day. Mostly paperwork.
How do you want to die (suddenly, alone, with a certain person near you, etc.)? I don’t want to talk about it. [Joe puts his arm around Will’s shoulder and glares at the interviewer]
What is the worst you’ve ever been injured or sick (broken arm, cancer, hang nail)? This is turning into a broken record. Shot 3 times in the chest. You want to see the scars too?

What object(s) do you like to keep near you? My gun. My bike.
What is in your backpack, purse, or closet? Clothes. [Joe pokes him again.] Okay a LOT of clothes.
If there was a fire in your house and you only had time to grab whatever you could carry, what would it be? My picture of my parents.
What is your most valued possession (for a reason other than monetary value)? My Indian
Do you still have any possessions from your childhood? No. I didn’t get that option.

How well do/did you do in school? Very well. I tried to be the good little boy.
What is your symbol? A feather.
What is your desktop/cell phone wallpaper (or, if you had one what would it be)? Um.. well.. Okay so it is Chippendales. Fine. [Joe grabs the phone from Will’s pocket and starts punching keys] Was Chippendales.
What does your signature look like? Artistic.
What is your theme song? Bad boys, whatcha want / Watcha want, whatcha gonna do? / When sheriff John Brown come for you …
What are your most used bookmarks on your web browser? [Looks at Joe] Um. Police forums and cooking.
What is something that really annoys you (loud people, music that is too quite, when your mom vacuums at three in the morning, the sound of trickling water)? Mac not understanding NO.
What is the place you hate the worst (standing in line at McDonalds, the salon, Toledo Ohio, etc.)? The hospital. God, I hate the smell.
What is your favorite kind of entertainment and what type of content do you like (books, movies, comics, romance, sci-fi, humor)? Books. Mysteries. Noir.
What is you favorite celebrity or historical figure? Adam Beach and Kevin Cornell
Who are your most recent emails/calls/texts from and what did they say? [Turns beet red] Um. Joe. Nothing much. [looks innocent. Joe snickers]
What were you doing before this story started? Trying to survive
What time period do you wish you lived in? Past, future? Either. I would be a space cowboy sheriff or a sheriff in the old west.
If you were and animal, what kind would you be? I have no idea. Joe: Lynx
Do you have any special powers? If so, what are they, how do they work, and where do they come from? Are you sure you haven’t seen a doctor lately?
Do you or have you ever had any pets? I had a goldfish.
Do you dislike any holidays? If so, why? I hated all of them. That’s why I worked them. Because I didn’t have a family. Bobby and his wife would invite me but…
What is your most common method of transportation? Bike or Jeep.
What are your three favorite songs? Bad Boys. I will always love you. Stand by me.
And finally… the most important question of all….What is your favorite color (and why)? Royal Blue. No clue why. Just like it a lot.


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