Will Danner Character Part 2

When and where were you born?
When? I’m not telling my age. Try again. Where? Philly
What are your past occupations and career goals? My past occupation? Cop. My goal: Detective
As a child, what did you want to be and do when you grew up? Did you do it? How do you feel about that? I always wanted to be a cop. Well yeah, I did it. I just said so. How do I feel about it? If I didn’t love it would I now be a deputy sheriff since I have all that money?
What are your greatest accomplishment? surviving. Surviving three bullets to the chest.
What are your greatest failures? Mac. I… no, forget it. Just Mac.
What is the worst thing that ever happened to you? Let’s see, was it getting shot? Mac changing his mind after I got over him? Getting kidnapped by a serial killer? Heck, you pick.
What is the best thing that ever happened to you, or your most cherished memory? Best thing? Joe. Favorite memory? When I walked into that office and saw that beautiful butt.
What do you regret? Mac.
What do you remember most about your childhood? Being shuffled between relations. Shuffled and shuffled until I landed in a safe loving home.
What was your favorite thing to do as a child? Play cops and robbers, what else? I was the cop.
What did you dislike most as a child? Doctors and needles… and being shuffled.

What are your vices? Molson Ale and white chocolate truffles.
What are your virtues?I’m loyal and loving.
What is your typical attitude? I’m honestly not sure. Is tolerant an attitude?
What are your quirks (only eats raw meat, collects action figures, always wears rubber band on wrist, etc)? Indian Motorcycles. That’s it. Indians.
What are your hobbies? Indian Motorcycles. Swimming. Cooking. Making love.
What would make you smile? A bigger garage for the motorcycles.
What would make you laugh? Watching Tut, the llama, chasing Mac. I howled then I rescued him.
What would make you cry? When Bobby died. When I lost Mac. I.. Loss. Loss makes me cry.
What makes you calm down? Sex. Dancing. Swimming. Lifting weights. Activity.
What makes you revved up? Finding a rare Indian Motorcycle and it’s for sale.
What do you do when you are happy? Dance. Turn on some music and dance.
What do you do when you are stressed? I have nightmare and my PTSD is worse. The need to protect myself kicks in making it worse.
What do you do when you are upset? Walk away until I calm down.
What do you do when you are angry? Walk away until I calm down or confront what is making me angry.
What are your habits (good or bad)? Do I have habits? Will looks at Joe who nods. What? What? Joe shakes his head and says “Later” I’ll tell you later, it appears it hasn’t been shared with me. I didn’t think I had any habits.
What is something you can’t resist? A mint condition Indian. A white chocolate truffle. And a naked Joe who [Joe claps his hand over Will’s mouth]
What is something most people do not know about you? I eat white chocolate truffles in bed naked after placing them on Joe’s [Joe claps his hand over Will’s mouth. Will blinks and asks him, “Too much information?” Joe nods.]
What are your areas of expertise? Being a cop. Indian Motorcycles. Crisis Intervention/Prevention. I was thinking of becoming a negotiator before I was shot.
What is hard for you to do? Handle the PTSD and the nightmares. I can’t control them when they start up.
What special skills do you have? Well, if I tell you some of them, Joe will put his hand over my mouth again. I can fix a bike. I can cook. Oh, can I cook.
What weather and physical conditions do you like? Summer. Not too hot but summer.
What would you do all day if you could do anything you wanted? Be bored. Seriously, I tried that. I was bored shitless by the end of a week.

Who would you ask for help in a tight spot? Joe, Ray, Tristan… hesitates Mac
Who’s company do you enjoy? My friends. My lover. Interesting intelligent people.
How often do you see family and friends? Friends everyday. Family not very often if at all. Joe’s my family now and I see him all the time.
How do you interact with other people (cold, awkward, friendly)? I’m friendly. And confident. I’m the good cop.
Who is your family and what are they like? I just answered that sort of. Joe, he’s strong and loving. Ray. He’s like a brother to me. Tristan. He’s like another brother. They are all there and they all care about me.
How do you feel about your parents and how do they feel about you? What is your relationship with your family like? I hope they loved me. I don’t know. The pictures they had of me as a baby show a happy loving family. Would they still love me if they had known I was gay? I hope so. I really hope so. The rest? Not a good relationship with most of them. I can’t forget the shuffle.
What is the person you are most dependent on (your dad, the welfare office, your personal maid, your seeing-eye-dog, your mailman)? Joe. He’s my world. Ray comes in second.
If you could convince any one person or group of people of one thing, what would that be? I would convince Joe’s parents they were wrong to treat him the way they did and make them understand what it is to be gay. That it isn’t a sin.
What is the main quality or aspect you look for in a person (good looking, is talkative, seems helpful, has money, etc.)? Loyalty and friendship.
How does your race/ethnicity/nationality or that of your parents influence you and the way people see you? Is your heritage significant to you or are you removed from it? I guess I am removed. I mean I was always just Will and not wanted because I was in the way. Nothing else developed.
What is something people often misunderstand about you? That if you hurt someone I love, I will hurt you. I’m not all nice guy.
Can people get the gist of who you are when first meeting you, or is your true self so hidden we would need to know you for a long time? Or somewhere in between?  I am who I am.
Who and/or what sort of people like you? Good cops. Honest people. Anyone who thinks they can get me to give them money.
How do you feel about other people’s worldview/religions? As long as you hurt no one, you can have any worldview or religion you want. It’s no skin off my nose.
How do most people see you? Silent strong good cop.
What kind of friends and associates do you have, if any? Loyal. I said that didn’t I?
What person or group of people do you dislike the most, and why? Self centered, egotistical, holier than thou bigots who try to use things as an excuse for hatred.
Are you dominant, submissive, or somewhere in between? Dominant.
What is your reputation? That depends on who you are asking. My old job? A Dirty rotten Faggot cop who shot his partner and took the department for a bundle. Okay. I admit, not all of them feel that way but that’s damn few. Here? A good cop who is loyal, good at Crisis Intervention, and all around great cook.
How do you greet people (if you greet people at all)? How do I greet people? I say hello. If it is a close friend, I’ll say “Yo” Philly hangover.
How do you feel about and treat authority? I am the authority. [laughs] It depends on who is dishing it out. Ray is okay. My old boss in Philly? That bastard almost got me killed.