Will Danner Character Part 1

What is your name? William Danner
What is your name’s origin and meaning, and how was it chosen? I have no clue. My parents died when I was little.
Any nicknames? Will. [points at partner, Joe. Just shut up.]
How tall are you? 6 foot
Who do you live with or near, if anyone? Joe, I live with Joe or he lives with me. Well, we live in both houses. His and mine so… Yeah. I live with Joe.
Where is your residence and what is it like? On a hill. Big. Pool, Pool House with apartment. A Frame with extensions. About well lets see. Family room which opens on pool, kitchen, dining room, living room, Loft which is sort of part of the living room, three bedrooms, Master-bedroom with bath, 4 baths and a half bath in the family room area, The pool side of the house has glass for the walls. The.. [Joe pokes him]. Big. My house is big.
What is your hometown and local culture like? Beggerton isn’t my hometown. That’s Philly. The local culture here is more relaxed, more causal , less frantic… [Joe pokes him again] Different. It’s different here than Philly
Who are your parents? Anthony Lee Danner and Brenda E. Woods
Are you married, single, seeking a relationship, avoiding romance? Joe barks: Taken Will simply nods
What is your class/income level? Rich… well Richer than the average bear. The lawsuit paid well. Before, your basic broke cop.
What is your income source and/or occupation? I’m a cop. The money is all in investments and I live off the dividends.
What is your education? BA in police sciences.
What is your worldview/religion? What is your level of devotion to that philosophy? Officially, Catholic. In reality somewhere between agnostic and atheist. Well since I am somewhere between agnostic and atheist, I guess we can say I’m not a devoted catholic.
What are your current life problems? Besides having a serial killer, and a horny FBI agent fixated on my ass? [Joe growls and Will pats his hand stopping the growl.] The fact I ran out of room in my garage for classic bikes. It’s nice to be rich.
Who (or what) are your enemies? Myself.
“Will…” Joe starts to speak.
“No, let’s be honest, Joe. It’s myself. I still won’t deal with the PTSD properly. Even the doctor says so.”

What are your priorities in life?
Right now, Love my man. Do my job. Get well.
What is your goal in life? What is your motivation for this goal? Well, besides keeping my ass alive and loving Joe, not much. I am just taking things as they come.
What is your goal in this story? What is your motivation for this goal? [Standing Stone] Finding someone to love as I loved Mac or better. I want my friend, mate and I want him to be what I thought I had with Mac but didn’t have. Why? I’m lonely. I would never admit it and I act okay but I’m lonely.
What changes do you undergo by the end of the story (emotional, physical, philosophical, relational, etc)? I have to define what I really want and how far I am willing to go.

What is your central philosophy in life? Live, laugh and love. Especially the love.
What moral code do you follow and why? My own. I built it. It’s mine and it works.
What is your outlook on life? One day at a time. That’s it. Just One Day at a Time.
What do you wish would happen to you? That I would win the lottery and be rolling in dough. Oh wait. I am. What I wish is that I could go back and save Bobby and never have this PTSD but get to have Joe also.
What do you want to hide? That I am not as certain and accepting of events as I pretend to be.
What languages do you know? English. A bit of French. Some Latin
What do you worry most about? That I will lose Joe the way I lost Bobby.
What are your phobias? Heights. They freak me out.
What are your insecurities? That I really am what others think I am. I know that doesn’t make sense but I’m afraid what they see is right.
How is your self-confidence? Fair. Bobby dying. Me getting shot. Mac leaving me. It shook me.
What is your political stance? Politics is against my Religion.
Do you like what you do for a living? If so, why? If not, what do you wish you could do instead? Oh yeah. I’m a cop. I swear I was born a cop. It’s in my blood. Dad was one too. If I wasn’t a cop, I would be in the Marines. Something to do with the Hero-Warrior gene.
Where do you feel most at home? With Joe. Anywhere but with Joe.
Who do you look up do? Ray. He worked hard to help and he did. He’s a good friend and a good man.
When and where were you the happiest? Now. With Joe.
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I wouldn’t have those scars both internal and external.
How do you feel about showing your emotions? I’m human. I have emotions. They show. That sums it up.

What kind of creature are you (elf, human, alien, etc)? Um.. human. Have you seen a doctor lately?
What are your abnormalities (deformity, birthmark, allergies)?
Four scars on my chest. Three bullet wounds and one large one from open heart to save me when I was shot.
What is your figure like (thin, muscular, pudgy)? Five fingers on each hand one of them a thumb. I mean, they are hands. Joe: “Artistic. His hands are artistic.” Will stares at hands then at Joe who simply nods.  Oh WAIT.  You said Figure.. oh.  um.. Athletic?
How fit are you? Excellent. I can leap tall buildings in a single bound [Joe snorts]
What is your hair and eye color? So dark red it looks black. Eyes: brown Joe: Amber. His eyes are amber.
What is your hair texture and style? Wavy. Not fine but not coarse.
What is your face shape and features (freckles, big eyes, zits, reddish cheeks, birthmark, etc.) Heart shaped. arched eyebrows, High cheek bones, straight nose, full lips. Joe: Cupids bow lips. Will: Fine. Cupids bow.
How old are you? the upper end of 20s. Blushes Okay so I’m vain.
What kind of colors do you wear? Royal hue colors. Browns, blacks, reds, all deep hues.
What kind of clothing do you wear? Comfortable and well cut. My suits are tailored. What’s the use of having money if you don’t spend it. Joe thought I was a high-priced lawyer the first time he saw me. [Joe pushes his shoulder and Will laughs]
What kind of clothing do you hate on yourself/others? That damn deputy uniform. It looks okay but it itches. The damn thing itches and you can sweat your ass off in the middle of winter.
What accessories do you frequently have? Sunglasses. Watch. Boots.. I mean what else is there? Oh and Joe’s ring.
How do you feel about your appearance? I honestly don’t think about it. It just is.
What is your skin like (smooth, pale, dark, rough, tight, saggy, scarred, etc)? Bronze. I have a tan without having a tan. It comes from a Native American ancestor and every so often her looks show up in the family tree. This time it is me. Tristan, my cousin, has her looks but not her coloring. He’s blond and blue eyed and fair. And I have those scars on my chest.
How is your health? Any problems? What was your health like as a child? Excellent. I’m lucky. I’m fine but for the scars. I’m real damn lucky. [Will rubs his chest over the scars]
What are your common movement habits and demeanor (swaying, graceful, snapping, wringing hands, staying perfectly still, glancing around, stumbling, etc)? Still. Very still. Joe at the same time: Graceful. Neither add anything else, just look at each other.
What is your race/ethnicity/nationality? Heinz 57. Native American, Irish, Italian, French, English. You name it and I’m it.
What food do you usually eat (amount, kind of food, what times of day)? What food do you like to eat? Whatever I feel like cooking and anytime I am hungry. I do have a thing about Chicken and Waffles. It’s like a rich chicken gravy with shredded chicken in it poured over a waffle. And Amish Ham Pot Pie and… Heck any regional dish I discovered here. All time favorite? My Riff Mac and Cheese.
What do you like to drink? Molson’s Ale
What is in your refrigerator? left over Mac and cheese, steak, Filet Mignon, lettuce, hamburger, tomatoes, various fruits, various veggies, lunch meat, pork, and more… I can’t remember without looking.
What do you smell like (cologne, sweat, musty, cats, etc)? Joe answers before Will can. “Will. He smells like Will.” Will just shrugs.
What would you change about yourself physically if you could? I would get rid of those damn scars