Breakfast Surprise

[20 minute rough draft of 613 words]

A Dog Named Bob
You have 20 minutes to write a post that includes the words mailbox, bluejay, plate, syrup, and ink. And one more detail… the story must include a dog named Bob

It really had started out to be a wonderful day. Really. The sky after a week of rain was vivid bright blue. The air warm. The smell crisp spring. A wonderful day. All was right in the world and God was in his heavens.

Dill opened his eyes to the warm sunshine. Dennis still slept with his arm across his chest. A poke and Dennis rolled over and snored softly. Unable to resist, Dill played with his long dark lashes. Dennis snorted and rolled on his stomach burying his face in the pillow. With a sigh, Dill rolled on his back to stare at the ceiling. So the dinner last night had been wonderful. Dill’s favorite restaurant. And he took him to the movie he wanted to see. And he was letting him hold the shower for Bruce and Ethan here. And he was.. damn it, he was doing everything for Dill.

And when the hell had he done anything for Dennis, well besides the fantastic sex? He loved pancakes. When the hell did Dennis last have pancakes with maple syrup? Those where his favorites. Maybe he should heat the frozen pancakes up. Or he could make some from scratch. That would be a wonderful idea. It couldn’t be that hard, could it? Dennis had threatened him if he ever touched a stove again but that wasn’t his fault it caught on fire. It was that Damn Bluejay that flew in the window and scared Bob the neighbor’s dog half to death when Dill was giving him a treat. It couldn’t happen twice.

Deciding to make pancakes for breakfast, Dill climbed out of bed before Dennis and hurried to the kitchen. Pancakes couldn’t be that hard. He had found a recipe on the net. While everyone else was asleep, he planned and plotted and mixed. After the first two batches turned into cement Frisbees, he opened a box of frozen pancakes and managed to heat them according to direction. Okay. So cooking wasn’t his strong point. After all, he had looks on his side. And fantastic sex. He didn’t need to know how to cook. Dennis could cook and so could Ethan and Bruce. They would take pity on Dennis and on him… well mainly on Dennis. All he had to do was say he was cooking for Dennis.

He poured the syrup, just the way Dennis liked on the pancakes. Opening the kitchen window, he saw the mailman put a package into the mailbox. Leaving everything sitting he headed out the door to get the package. It turned out to be the printer ink. Good thing too. He needed to print up the invitations to the party for Bruce and Ethan’s shower.

As Dill opened the door, Bob, the dog,  flew past him looking for the treat he usually begged from Dill. When he saw the bluejay sitting on the pancakes pecking away, he went berserk. Dill made a dive for Bob, missing, turning the plate over his head. Bruce took a flying leap on the stove as the Bluejay went out the window, turning it on, knocking the cooking oil into the gas flame and getting stuck in the window when the pane slammed down trapping him between the glass and the screen which slid down.  Bluejay had a fit and cursed Dill, the Dog, Pancakes and the window.

“Damn it.”

That sounded like Dennis. Dill looked up. Still in his pajamas Dennis pushed Bob through the window, grabbed the extinguisher, put out the fire and turned to look at Dill who was still lying on the floor covered in pancake syrup.

Dill looked up. “Surprise?”