Lilacs = Granny, love, freedom, happiness

Smell You Later

Humans have very strong scent memory. Tell us about a smell that transports you.

Lilacs. Always and forever, Lilacs.  When I smell the bloom, it is 50 years ago.  Spring.  Freedom from being trapped in the house all winter.  We had a 176 acre farm I would run all summer long.  I spent very little time in the house unless forced to by weather.   Lilacs meant freedom.   Memorial day also called Decoration Day.  Granddad would take us around to each cemetery with a lawn mower in the trunk.  We would tend the graves of our families, mow them and place flowers on them.  Granny, Granddad, me and Mom.

Granny had 8 large lilac bushes interspersed with forsythia bushes.  And one large white one plus a pussy willow bush at the end of the row of bushes.  When they bloomed, freedom had come.  I could run the farm.   My world populated with Cowboys and Indians,  space adventures, farming sets, ranch sets and freedom.  I can still feel the grass under me as I played with my farm set outside.

The world was running, playing, freedom and love.  It was perfect.  And I would lose it all when my Granny died and we moved to town.  I lost my running.  I lost my protector who kept my mother from beating or verbally abusing me.  And I lost the smell of Lilacs.   I lost it all.

I still grieve for those smells.  I still grieve for that time.   The smell of lilacs filling the air as a tired, dirty little kid walks up the lane to the house for supper.   Perfect, golden and wonderful with the smell of my lilacs.  I miss you so much.


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