Well, this isn’t working now is it?

Dear Leader
If your government (local or national) accomplishes one thing this year, what would you like that to be?

Well now, this isn’t working now is it?  It hasn’t for a long time else you wouldn’t be screaming at each other like a bunch of 1st grade girls in the middle of a fight at the playground.   Our system stopped working.  Give ourselves credit, our Founding Father’s didn’t think we would last that long.  The bets were on 50 years before the Republic collapsed.  We made it  225 so we outlasted their expectations.  In that we had a success.  Of course it wasn’t the Government they set up.  Lincoln broke that into pieces.  That was the beginning of the end of it.  States rights exist only at the whim of the Federal Government and no longer do States provide the foundation.

Besides that it just doesn’t work.  We are getting no where.  Democracy is a self destructing unit unless you are a country so very small, you know everyone.  See Switzerland.  Even Athens fell to ruin when they started arguing like a bunch of little girls on the playground [sound familiar].   Democracy is inherently flawed.  The Republic was their best bet for us.  The lesser of all evils between the hated Monarchy and the feared Democracy.   And we damn well gummed it up.   Did a real good job of it too.  See our Modern US Government where if you can’t get a job at the local shelter workshop for mentally handicapped because you are too incompetent, you can run for office and get elected by appealing to a certain clique, no matter how fruity their ideas are.

Frankly, you need to throw the baby out with the bath water and start all over again.  It ain’t working Maude.   But I also don’t think any of them have the education or the intelligence to form something better.  We be screwed and we didn’t get kissed.

So what can they do?

Lets start with Term Limits for all of them.  4 years and out.  IF you are a really good boy or girl, you can come back on the playground after 4 years for another 4.   So Elected.  4 years served.  Can’t run 4 years.  Run elected 4 years.  END.   You do not get a lifetime salary.  You get what the rest of us get.  Sorry Charlie.  You created it, you can live off it.

Next NO CONFIDENCE VOTES.   If at any time we decide you are being an ass, and enough of us decide you are being an ass, we can call a vote and force an election.   You do not if forced out, get the right to serve for 6 years when elected.  Your 4 year ends right there.  In fact we can debate if you are allowed a second 4 years.  I like that thought.  You are out of the ballpark.

Lastly, YOU MUST FORM A COALITION Government. Your VP must be the candidate from the other party.  You must form a working Coalition by the time you take the oath of office or an election will be generated.   And we play pick up sticks for the houses.  The party with the most votes in the election [note not seats.  Votes]  can pick their house, the party with the second most votes, gets the other.   So you won’t have the senior member of the most number of seats running the  house or the  senate.  And it would behoove those little grade school girls to learn to work together because their turn will come.  IF they cannot work together, the incentive is No Confidence.  And they are out of a job because the 4 year recall rule goes into effect.  I can promise you, they will all play nice together and you won’t get any crazy ass fraction of anything running shit because the minute they piss off the majority of us, they are gone.

And?  I’m not holding my breath.  The Grade School girls aren’t that bright and they like to think they could have a beer with Albert Einstein and not bore him.

Me personally?  At this point because I really don’t see the above happening:

Dear England,

We are terribly sorry about that little misunderstanding in 1776 and do apologize for any actions we took.  Could you kindly see fit to take us back until we are finished baking?