Favorite TV Shows Theme: Loyality

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What TV Shows were my favorites?

Age 10 [1968]:  Star Trek

Age 15 [1973]:  M*A*S*H

Age 20 [1978]:   M*A*S*H

Age 25 [1983]:   Toss up between Magnum and Simon & Simon

Age 30 [1988]:  Toss up between Magnum and Simon & Simon

Age 35 [1993]:  Keeping up Appearances

Age 40 [2003]:   NCIS  and New Tricks

Age 45 [2008]:  Flashpoint

Age  50 [2013]:  Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and Cracked and Bluestone 42 [toss up again]


Well, lets see.  After about 2005, they are all NOT American.    You can see the shift started with New Tricks.   American TV bores the living shit out of me.  I think part of it may be the lousy writing and piss poor story arcs they have to drag through a season if not torture us with several seasons.  They don’t write well enough to make it interesting.  If you want to see an interesting one,  see Miss Fisher up there for the first two seasons.  That’s well done.

The common thread that links them all for me is Loyalty.  Every last one of them is a group of friends who are loyal.  The basic values are also there.  Doing right even against great odds.   We band of brothers.

NCIS is one of the first that didn’t make it to the end and that marks where my taste in shows changed and I started not watching American shows very much.  I’ve tried to watch NCIS in the past season.  Not very interesting and the characters seem more caricatures.  Abby went from being an intelligent quirky filled with  strength woman to a neurotic, insecure, needy annoying whining twit and a big joke.  Instead of the loyalty and meshing, you get one hot mess of 6 or 7 characters bouncing off each other like billiard balls.  They need to find a writer who can write and understands the dynamics or put that bitch out of its misery.

I have a major problem with the underlying story arcs.  They aren’t strong enough in the US shows to make me want to stick to the program.  And I don’t.  I watch on computer so I either open a tab and browse while it plays on another tab if I think it might be salvageable or I simply click  X and go to  another tab to do or watch something else.   US shows get a lot of Xs when I attempt to watch them.  Not interesting, not funny, not well written are all the reason I leave.

Now the ones from over seas?  I admit that they are much more numerous than the US shows.  Okay so the ratio is more like 20:1 and even the 1 doesn’t get watched in the entire.   No, the overseas shows aren’t saints.   My interest in Dr Blake waned this year when they introduced the conflict between the new boring Cop and Dr Blake.   I clicked out and didn’t bother to watch other episodes.   He just didn’t work for me.

I really need to sit down and analyze why.  I can put my thumb on most of the American shows and where they stopped working for me.  The ones I really like with excellent plotting?  I tend to get lost in the moment.

The main theme is still Loyalty.


8 thoughts on “Favorite TV Shows Theme: Loyality

    1. The first time I had my mother watch it, I turned off the TV after it was over and asked her “And who does that put you in mind of?” She didn’t hesitate “She is like Eleanor” [My Uncle Cecil’s wife.]. When we would watch it, she would always say “Poor Richard.”

      1. Mine has to be Hyacinth. She has everyone in terror of her. Like when the church ladies tried to crawl behind her stone fence to get past her house.

    1. Season 3 is up and playing on https://www.primewire.ag/?tv But if you want to really understand Jack and Miss Fisher, you need to watch seasons 1 to 2. You don’t have to do so. Each show will stand alone. It’s more impact if you know them. The story arc for them is excellent unlike the crappy American ones. In fact all those writers do an excellent job of arcs. I haven’t had one of them go bad except the Dr. Blake one with the new DI. And that is the new DI. I can’t stand the character.

      Just remember to watch on primewire with Firefox or Chrome with ghostery and Adblock plus installed. No ads. No popups.

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