We interrupt this blog for a Writer Service Announcement

“Since a second suit was filed at the end of March, Author Solutions is now facing two class actions, with the new complaint alleging unjust enrichment and exploitation of seniors on top of the usual claims of fraud and deceptive practices.”

Please read the post on Let’s Get Digital with the title: Author Solutions and Friends: The Inside Story

The imprints involved are:

“The name of the respective service – or what Author Solutions refers to as a “Partner Imprint” – is in brackets.

Simon & Schuster (Archway Publishing)
Harlequin (DelleArte Press) – partnership terminated 2015
Hay House (Balboa US, Balboa Australia)
Barnes & Noble (Nook Press Author Services)
Crossbooks (LifeWay) – partnership terminated 2014
Penguin (Partridge India, Partridge Singapore, Partridge Africa)
HarperCollins/Thomas Nelson/Zondervan (Westbow Press)
Random House (MeGustaEscribir)
Writer’s Digest (Abbott Press) – partnership terminated 2014

Unless otherwise stated in RED the partnership continues and Buyer Beware.