“You don’t want to live with those people”

“You don’t want to live with those people”. My aunt said that when I told her where I was moving. Today, I can say “those people” are better to me than 99.9876% of my birth family ever was.

My ideal community is the one I am living in. It’s a good community. Neighbor helps neighbor and never asks for pay. They know their neighbor will be around the next time they need help. They know if their kid does something wrong, 18 people will be on the phone saying “Do you know what Johnny just did?” And unlike the rest of the sociopathic world around us today, Johnny will be in trouble for acting in that manner. It’s a walk of shame when you do something here. I watched one about 13 or 14 years old take that walk one day. Grandma came out and yelled at him [ouch], Uncle came out and yelled at him. Aunt came out and yelled at him. Older cousin came out and yelled at him. By the time he passed my house, his expression said “Just beat me and get it over with so they all shut up.” I promise you, he never did it again. The entire community raises our kids.

No one bothers anyone else. You don’t stick your nose into someone’s business [unless you are Johnny…] No fences needed. Everyone is taught to respect what everyone else owns. You can leave something out on the porch over night and it will still be there in the morning. You can leave your house unlocked and you know neighbors will be over here in a second if someone who isn’t suppose to be here tries to get into the house.

It’s a good place to live. It’s a safe place because everyone keeps an eye on the kids. They can run and play. Any strange cars are noticed and watched. We know who belongs and who doesn’t.

It’s my perfect community, filled with good people [yeah okay so we have the village idiots but he’s OUR village idiot.. okay?], and you know what? I do want to live with those people. I love living near them. My aunt only thinks she’s that good-hearted. Yes, it is Idyllic