Seriously, do any of you who work at WordPress speak English as a first language?

Or are you just a tad slow?

Beyond the Pale You want to know the last time, “you did something completely new and out of your element? How was it? Will you do it again?”

DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT BEYOND THE PALE MEANS? DID YOU BOTHER TO LOOK IT UP? Nitwits. I’m surrounded by nitwits. Beyond the pale if you bother your lazy arse to google as you SHOULD HAVE BLOODY DONE BEFORE YOU EVEN POSTED TODAY’S TOPIC [do you realize how stupid this makes you look?] means:

outside the bounds of acceptable behavior.

beyond the pale
A pale, originally a stockade made of pales of wood, was an area under the authority of a certain official. In the 14th and 15th centuries the British ruled Dublin, the surrounding area was outside the law. Anyone or anything beyond the pale was considered savage and dangerous, and the express came to mean anything unacceptable or beyond the limits of accepted morality or conduct.

So you are asking me when is the last time that I did something unacceptable. Molest a child. Call someone a racist slur. Pee in a customer’s drink. Make fun of a person who has a mental handicap. Throw a brick through store window. Rob a homeless person. Hit my 90 year old father. THIS is what you are asking me.

And my answer? I would NEVER be “Beyond the Pale.” Those things are not only unacceptable, they are not ‘right’.

Synonyms are: unacceptable, unseemly, improper, unsuitable, unreasonable, unforgivable, intolerable, disgraceful, deplorable, outrageous, scandalous, shocking; informal: not on, out of line; formal: exceptionable “his behavior was beyond the pale”

And you seriously are stupid enough to think it means a “New Experience.”? Either you are beyond stupid, beyond lazy or just plain so damn naive you shouldn’t be breathing an cause a whole lot of hurt in the world by your silly mistakes.

Beyond the Pale is socially unacceptable shame based behavior [and usually so drastic it is illegal also]. If you consider something beyond the pale as acceptable, you are sociopathic and well on your way to being a serial killer because you don’t have the ability to relate to other humans and consider your needs primary and the only thing that matters.

I understand what you were trying to ask. I also understand you failed miserably at what you were asking. Just bloody ask and don’t try to get fancy with phrases you don’t understand or can’t bother to look up. If you have been told you are beyond the pale, they weren’t saying you were “new” or forward thinking. They were saying you are a little sociopath who needs a good stint in prison.


So if you are asking when was I beyond the pale? NEVER. I have never done things that are morally reprehensible. When was the last time I did something new? That’s a whole different post and I’m not sure which one you wanted to ask. When you know? Let me know.