Me. That’s who. ME… or James Lee Burke

Didn’t we do this before? Me. That’s who. ME

I want me to do it. Yes, it would be an autobiography but the writer would be me. You can save the other crap for other authors after I die. [And if he outlives me, James Lee Burke can have the job.] I am a writer. See my website at So I can damn well do my own. Then the others can use mine as a reference so they can at least get something right. I have faith in Burke though. I think he would do his damnedest to get it right and present it in a way I would be proud of.

I’m an addict of his Dave Robicheaux series. Trust me the movies are shitty compared to his writing. They should never have been made and none of the actors are Dave aka Streak. You can feel the South in every sentence. His Billy Bob Holland series isn’t bad either. He’s the one who could probably do justice to my complicated life because every last one of his characters is just as complicated and as damaged in their own way.

The rest will run off speculation and conjecture. Even Burke would never quite reach the motivations I had when I did something but his would be the best shot. Mine? I’ll never tell all. You just be wondering. No, I’m not trying to hide anything. If I did it, I did it. It’s just you don’t need to know everything about me just like I don’t need to know everything about you. Somethings need taken to the grave. The only one I would ever share all that with has preceded me in death and I surely do miss him. The rest of you can just wonder.

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