You need one duffle bag, one ditty bag and one garment bag

And you are set.  The USN taught me that.  And in a pinch, it can all fit in your duffle bag.  You are good to go.  It doesn’t take suitcases.  It’s not efficient and if you can’t fit everything you need into a duffle bag? You have too much shit. [And if the military wanted you to have a wife/husband and kids, they would have issued you one.]   As for the destination?  If you are in the military, it’s all laid out for you.  If you aren’t?  Well, it’s your choice.

When I traveled, you aimed me at a destination and when I got there, we would see how it goes.  The only time I had a general plan of what to do is when I was visiting Civil War sites.  I knew what I wanted to see in the historical area.  The rest?  Who cares.  What happens happens.   Yes, I am a history buff and I am a Civil War history buff.  I also am a weather weenie but don’t expect to see me storm chasing.  I’m too damn old.

I don’t travel any more.  I love my home and the quiet of the country.   And frankly, it’s not appealing any more because of having to interact with people I would rather not interact with.  This generation is boring and tedious.  Sorry it is.  It lacks something that we had.   The riots made me think of the 60s and the Baltimore riots so I revisited some memories last night and some songs that played an important part of life then.  The conditions are the same but something vital is missing now that we had.  I think it was called hope.  It’s a damn shame it’s not around much if at all.  It was a life saver.   So damn similar…  I’ve been here and done this but it was vastly different.  Even our music today tells us the difference if you compare what our music was then.


The Happy Wanderer