Sure I can do that but it better be more than a chicken.

If the world ran on a Barter System how would I fare?

Pretty damn good.   First you have to restructure the entire economy.  Stop thinking as we do today.  There is no way a major corp could exist on a barter system.  Did you think of that before you created this question?  Probably not.   What else is new with the questions.

The fact I saw the flaw in the question and the ramifications of this flaw is why I would do pretty damn good.  I can see ahead.  I’m also in the healer/Counselor/teacher class. My skills in exchange for what I need.

I have no problems supplying most of my food: Garden and am willing to trade seeds and food goods for other food goods. I’ll let you have an apple tree to harvest for a calf. No problem. There is my meat.

I can also do very fancy ornamental needlework. It’s a hobby I enjoy. Want a fancy wedding dress with embroidery? You got it.

I also am the local computer guru. I know how to fix them as well. I can set up websites like I am doing now because of freakin’ WP 4.2. I didn’t want to spend 3 days learning a new system but Concrete5 made it easy.

I am a writer.  I fabricate worlds and stories for entertainment much like the oral storytellers Homer recorded when the wrote down the Iliad.

I store knowledge.  I can teach.  I can train. I can repair. I can grow.  And who know what else that someone would want to trade for.

I don’t see much problems with a barter system and my survival.  It would be a very different world if we bartered.