Blue Crapola again…

I needed to update my word count on my spreadsheets.  When I clicked posts without thinking, they took me to that horrible blue crap they consider improved.  I’m downright sick of it.  However every desktop blog software I have tried except that piece of shit MS stuff doesn’t work with  I am starting to really regret moving it back here from my site.  I should probably just pony up and buy a good blocker that will allow me to block nations such as Russia, China, Korea, the former Eastern Block, Arabia to name a few where the hackers come from.  Besides, I don’t sell books there.  And if someone is savvy enough to find my books, they are savvy enough to get around that problem.   Do you have any idea how freaking STUPID THE BEEP BEEP BOOP is? Seriously, how old are you people? 2? 3 1/2? A waving beep beep boop is 4th grade material.

I’m not sure why they call it improved.  It’s almost as bad as the crap they call Stats.

view of WordPress Stats

You want to see stats?

StatCounter image for the same dates

You use Statcounter or Gostats.    WordPress Stats sadly underestimates your visitors.  I’m thinking maybe it only accepts registered users with a cookie?  It’s the only way I can explain the poor performance of the WP version   And of course when I forget and open WordPress instead of WordPress Admin, they throw that ugly blue ass not working WordPress Stats in my face.  Thank you.  And would you pee in my Cornflakes too and call it an improvement?

It takes no time to join one of those two sites and they give you the code to stick in a widget.  Poof you have good stats so you can see where your audience is really coming from.  You would think WordPress would know enough to shut up when they screw up a one car funeral.  If it wasn’t for the hackers, I would pick up my skirts and move back to my own site but I figure servers can handle the hackers because I was damn tired of it.

Eventually I’ll get pissed off enough to move back to my own site.  It’s a snap anyway if you have navigated this for any length of time.   You find a good host.

[NOT BLUEHOST.  PLEASE DO NOT USE BLUEHOST.. My God were they horrible.  The site was down more than it was up due to server problems. That damn thing crashed at least once every two weeks if not once or twice a week.   When I told them it was starting to crash because my members told me they were having problems and sent me the code, those morons at Bluehost told me it was my computer.  My answer? “Gee, I didn’t realize that my members were flying in from Germany, England, the Philippines,  South America,  the American Southwest, the American Northwest, Florida, the Midwest and Canada to use my computer every day.   One wonders how I got on to complain to you.”   What did Bluehost do?  Never answered me.  DO NOT USE BLUEHOST unless you are into the M side of S/M.]

I finally picked up and moved to  . These guys went above and beyond the call of duty. They transferred my entire site over for me. I tried to get the site. I really did try but everything I did was corrupted. They tried. It took them two weeks and they apologized profusely because “We never had such trouble getting anything before.” I understood. Trust me. I was just glad someone got it. When we realized that Bluehost’s crashing servers had corrupted the site so it wouldn’t even reinstall correctly, they worked with me to try to salvage as much as I could. Every time I’ve called and that has been damn few times, they have bent over backward to help me.

I almost want to cry from relief. I went from a nightmare host to a dream. They are fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. Wonderful. Helpful. They hear what you are saying. AND BEST OF ALL? The damn server has been down maybe 15 minutes since I moved because of them working on it and they sent me an email two weeks before saying “We are going to be working, expect downtime on XX date From XX time to XX time. You may not be able to access your site.”

I got to warn my members. I love these people. They are fantastic business hosts as well as private site hosts. Go for it. It’s worth every penny.

Oh yeah.. It is easy peasy [unless you sign up with bluehost who pushes ads at you even on your server and Cpanel. My god. Everything turned into an ad over there before I left… Inmotionhosting no ads in sight except for a do you want to upgrade and here is what we now offer and it is NOT done on what you install unlike bluehost.] You sign up. You log in. You go to Cpanel. You find WordPress install. You click. POOF. You have a wordpress site. You go into WordPress admin and the tools look almost the same except for plugins which give you your widgets and other goodies. Easy as pie. God I love Inmotionhosting… Did I tell you that?

And the really nice thing? You don’t have to deal with that blue crapola. It’s as perfect as a dewdrop on a petal.


2 thoughts on “Blue Crapola again…

    1. I’m not getting a penny for tell you how good they are right now. I think maybe I should look into it. I have the option of not using this crap but due to the daily bombardment of hackers, I went back here. It saves grey hair but ups the general frustration.

      Oh yeah, and for the stats counters you can do that on You don’t have to have It fits right into our widgets. I did make that clear didn’t I?

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