Um.. but I don’t do News…

Ripped from the Headlines

The site I use most for news doesn’t exist.  I don’t do news.  There is no site.  There is no headline.  I don’t do it.  They annoy me a bit on FB with some news but not as much as a news site.  I gave it up for Lent and never went back.

Fine…  The reality is I gave it up when I was working on my degree many years ago and never went back.  After my media professor pointed out to me that 99.5% of the news has no effect on us.   Is the guy who took out the entire family in Las Vegas going to drive across the country to visit your house?  Not likely.  It’s local concerns for where that news is happening.  We are just rubber necking.  Are you going to help out?  Fly out there and help look?  Offer the survivors money?  Cook them a casserole?  Not if you live in Maine.

I’ll admit crowdfunding can be popular.  We have seen that in the Gay Rights issue.  It also proves Crowdfunding may not be a good thing.  It’s going to blow up in our faces at some point but what can I do about it?  Not a damn thing.

What I can do is act here at home where I need to act.  Instead of giving to some idijit who got themselves in a fix because of their big mouth about some issue that should be fixed another way, you could be feeding the homeless in your town or helping someone you know who is deserving or supplying a local charity organization.  Instead of taking care of your own, with crowdfunding, you can donate to any idijit anywhere 99.5% who is not deserving, has a huge mouth and the amounts are astronomical in retrospect of the acts and words.  Proves there are bigger idijits than the idijits.  Great way to pull a con job and make money though.  If you need a new Humvee and want to buy a big house, you might consider it.  All you have to do is open your big mouth and spout off about your bigotry then whine when you are hammered for it.  People will rush to give you money even though you have no lawyer bills to defend your statement.   There is one born every minute.  And with crowd funding we can see who they are on those giving and receiving.

Besides which with this trend, you don’t have to do something at home but you can make yourself feel better about your self in one easy click, useless though you may be.  Feel like you are doing something when you are doing nothing.

News is not news.  99.9% of its intent is to be voyeuristic in order to titillate you.  You want to know the really important news?  You read and watch what the 1% reads and watches not what Reverand Allmouth down at the local “I can’t drink no more” Church or Sally Mae Grace down at the beauty parlor watches.  The 1% watches the news that really affects us.  How can you tell?  The commercials.  If they are sponsored by stuff you could never afford unless you had crowdfunding.  It’s a good bet it’s important.

That was always Sunday mornings when good Christian America goes trotting off to church.  Face the Nation, Meet the Press and that crew of the 50s/60s/70s/80s and onward.  They discussed the issues you really needed to be concerned with the people you really need to listen to about those issues.  The ones that affected the way the nation operated and our pocketbooks.  You remember when we had pocketbooks to worry about right?   Those shows are not voyeurism.

Please don’t tell me you thought 1% watched Fox News or CNN or read Huffingtonpost.  Please. They are not like you.   The Wall Street Journal is part of their daily meal.

As I said, look at the advertisers.  If they sell to people with a hell of a lot more money than you?  That tells you which shows say what is important and what issues are really important to you.
What’s the headline on the WSJ?

Shell-BG Deal Would Create Gas Giant

Oil giant Royal Dutch Shell has agreed to buy BG Group for about $70 billion, a deal that would create the world’s largest independent producer of liquefied natural gas.

Move May Prompt Wave of Energy Mergers
The Deal | Firms Compared | Oil’s Collapse

Bored? Not very voyeuristic is it? But very important to your wallet.

Oh Fox’s Headline?

Boy, 12, ties for 1st in ESPN challenge, denied prize

Doesn’t effect your life in anyway. And will give you something to get worked up about, have an opinion and not be worth a damn thing to your life and wallet.


‘Dukes of Hazzard’ actor James Best dies

None of them do a damn thing for you or your wallet. Neither effect your life in any way. But it will give you a news orgasm to get worked up about.

Sometimes the news really isn’t news. It’s entertainment. Don’t mistake the two. It has major impact in your life.  Otherwise?  Gotya. [and they do a good job of it…  Getting you sidetracked, I mean]


3 thoughts on “Um.. but I don’t do News…

  1. I agree with some of your points. But the world is going to shit and I think we need to keep our ear to the ground. I get my news off some blogs, Twitter because I don’t use it to socialise and AlJazeera. I don’t see it’s bias towards the big corps and rich guys which I like. Oh and of course The Trews… 🙂

    1. Never heard of the Trews. Aljazeera and the BBC are two I go to if I want the day’s summary which isn’t very often. I hate Twitter so I except for publishers and authors, Accuweather is the only thing I get off there. The other half always check Aljazeera first thing in the morning.

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