Um… no one?

Listen, I have enough worries doing this blog, why would I want to screw up someone else’s.   To put it simply [again]:




[with a freaking passion]

So why would I want to switch blogs?  Bless the poor smuck that says “I’ll swap with you.”   One of us just got the raw end of the deal and it ain’t me.   So no, I would not switch blogs with anyone for a week.  Well, unless it is my worst enemy but she doesn’t have one.  She’s too damn lazy.

On the bright side, even though I am sure it won’t last,  When I clicked the respond in a new post on the daily post page, it brought me to the WordPress Admin editor instead of that blue shit they are trying to pass off as new and improved.  Might they finally be getting the message?  I shan’t hold my breath.   Websites and people who create the suckier version of something tend to be blind when they trumpet how “Wonderful the new version of XX is.”  Look at Microsoft and Windows 8.  However, MS did get the message about 8.  Fast.  And plan on kissing up to it’s customers by offering them a free 10.  Wonder how bad 9 really was to make them make the leap.

And in the real news section.  I finished the edit on Chapter 3.  Did one of the Serial Killer’s chapters.   AND can honestly say, “I am back to thinking my book sucks big time.”  Sigh.  Welcome to writing.

I can’t say I would switch blogs but I surely switched topics in this so I guess it counts as a Switcheroo


2 thoughts on “Um… no one?

  1. Ha! must ask why you are doing a blog if you hate it so much. Is your potential agent/publisher making you establish a platform? Enough that we spend ninety percent of our times constructing books, stories, blogs or poems. Now we have to construct our own platforms as well? It started out for me as that, but within a week I’d switched to a blog for its own sake. I love having an immediate audience without having to go to all the work of agents, publishers, self-publishing, adapting to Kindle and Create Space, ad infinitum. Short and easy. I figure I’m never going to make money on writing anyway, so why not do it in the most enjoyable way?

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